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How to Use Either, Neither, Or, and Nor Correctly.Old English ger, contraction of ghwer "each of two, both," from a "always" (see aye (adv.)) ge- collective prefix hwer "which of two, whether" (see whether). Corresponsive conjunctions are those which are used in pairs, so the latter answers to the former. These include: Bothand asas asso ifthen eitheror neithernor thoughyet althoughyet whetheror. Corresponsive conjunctions can be either conjunctive or copulative in I didnt either. (or Neither did I./Nor did I.) In informal speaking, we often say me neither: A: I cant smell anything. BIf or whether? Ill or sick? I want neither alcohol nor cigars for my birthday. Neither . with verbs. Neither can be used (without nor) to speak about actions that did not happen.Note: If either is used with a negative verb, its meaning is the same as neither. Neithernor and eitheror are correlative conjunctions.e.g. We nabba naor ne hlaf ne wter. We have neither bread nor water. Similarly, either is from Old English gther, contracted form of g(e) hwther aye whether.

The pairings either/or and neither/nor can be used to group two people or things. (Although not a major grammatical error, the grouping of more than two things is frowned upon by followers of some style conventions.) either or, neither nor — Either means one of two neither means not one of two.neither — [nthr, nthr] adj pron. [ME naither, altered (by assoc. with eyther, EITHER) < nauther < OE na hwther, lit not whether (see NO1, WHETHER), not either of two] not one or the other (of two) not Either/or and neither/nor. 1.Either / or used in a sentence in the affirmative sense when referring to a choice between two possibilities.When using either/or and neither/nor, there are rules when using singular and plural subjects. GRAMMAR VOCABULARY www.aprendeinglesenleganes. com EITHER/OR - NEITHER/ NOR EITHER /OR used when referring to a choice between two possibilities.

Examples : We can either eat now or after the show. Either, Neither or Both Exercise. — BOTH includes I like both pop music and classical — EITHER excludes We could go either to the beach or to the mountains — NEITHER for nothing I like neither heavy metal nor techno music. Related QuestionsMore Answers Below. Can you use "nor" without "neither"? Which one is grammatically right: " neither I" or "neither me"?When do I use either or whether? What does neither red nor a queen mean? Either - or Neither - nor. This is my offer.either - or neither - nor. When I go to the restaurant, I eat fish roast chicken. These are my favorite meals. EitherOr NeitherNor : When making comparisons, either goes with or and neither with nor: I want to buy either a new desktop computer or a laptop, but I have neither the cash nor the credit I need. eitheror, neithernor correlative coordinators (Huddleston 15 2.3). neither / either focusing adverb (Swan 175, 373). Works Cited.

Determine whether the use of or or eitheror is correct in the sentence. Select your response correct or incorrect. Either you leave now or Ill tell your wife! neither nor is a construction we use to show that two or more things are not true or possible. For example:- He drinks neither wine nor beer. Either Or, Neither Nor explains the difference between either and or and neither and nor and the correct ways to use them.Want to write great books? Not just so-so ones? Whether youre writing your first book or your tenth, you can benefit from a critique. GRAMMAR VOCABULARY www.aprendeinglesenleganes.com. Either/or - neither/ nor.Examples: She speaks neither English nor French. Chris wasnt at the meeting and neither was her assistant. Neither Meaning and Usage. Neither is the negative of either. It is often used with nor to (neithernor)indicate alternatives. He is neither friendly nor kind. Neither Mr.Dias nor his wife will be there. Peters hair is neither black nor grey. Ehara te makawe o Pita i te mangu, ehara ano hoki i te hina. Neither John nor James can lift that log.Te tino take o enei kupu, either, neither, whether, ko ia tenei either, ko tetahi ranci o nga mea e rua, ko tetahi ranei neither, ko te korenga o tetahi o aua Either Neither nor or. Mary could go to the party. Julian told me that I could.Either Neither nor or. take a day off. What a pity! He is. Either Neither nor or. guilty. You will always see these words together, and in this order: either/or and neither/nor.Unlike an adjective, they do not tell us about the properties of the object, but merely indicate whether a known or unknown object is being spoken, all or a part of it, or indicate its quantity or its absence. Correlative pairs of conjunctions include words like neithernor, notbut, and bothand.Either the blue shirt or the red sweater will look good with your jeans. I cant decide whether to have pizza, or a cheeseburger. Neither Mandy nor the other students are doing their homework. (here the verb and pronoun agree with the students which is plural).I could either go to university, take a year off, or study part-time and work. ONLINE ENGLISH GRAMMAR TEST (self-test) topic: Either/Or, Neither/Nor, Too 2 | level: Beginner/Intermediate. Choose the proper response (a) Neither threats nor arguments had any effect on him. (b) They said the room was large and bright but it was neither large nor bright.either or negative verb can replace neither. . . norexcept when neither. . . noris the subject of a verb, as in (a) above. The forms both and, neither nor, and either or are used to introduce two subjects.Neither Rob nor Brad enjoys coffee. With either or one of the two subjects does something or feels a certain way. 2. The expression neither . . . nor means not the first one and not the second one. Examples: Neither the bank nor the credit union will give you a loan.Use either . . . or/neither . . .nor. Example: Maybe Ill drink soda. Grade 5 Parts of Speech. Either, or, neither, nor, whether, such and that are examples of Prepositions. Verbs. I like neither cats nor dogs. Exercise. Find out why some parents think that their teenage sons or daughters have a lot in common with cats. (Dont take it too seriously, though.) o). Both Either Neither Nor So. Hello, I have some questions. I have never understood what does these words mean, when, where and how to use them. These are the words: either, neither, nor [if one of them need to be combinated with the word or - what does it mean?]. B neither . . . nor, either or. neither. . . nor affirmative verb is an emphatic way of combining two negatives(c) He neither wrote nor phoned. either or negative verb can replace neither. . . norexcept when neither. . . noris the subject of a verb, as in (a) above. 2. Subordinating Conjunctions. 4. Connecting Conjunctions. Correlative conjunctions as mentioned earlier are paired conjunctions, which means they do not come in single words. They come in the form of pairs of words: either or neither nor both and not only but also, and whether or. either or vs neither nor — either or is a construction we use to show there is a choice between two different things, but you canneither — [nthr, nthr] adj pron. [ME naither, altered (by assoc. with eyther, EITHER) < nauther < OE na hwther, lit not whether (see NO1, WHETHER), not either Neither nor is the negative form of either or .a. I was neither tired nor sleepy. b. Neither my dad nor my mom wears fashionable clothes. c. Neither Henry nor Clodia likes medicine. d. Neither lions nor wolves eat grass. e. Neither Mr. Fisher nor Mr. Huff attended the meeting. Correlative conjunctions always appear in pairs -- you use them to link equivalent sentence elements. The most common correlative conjunctions are bothand, eitheror, neithernor, not onlybut also, soas and whether or. The highlighted words in the following sentences are correlative Bothand, eitheror, neithernor, whetheror, not onlybut also. Miss Smidgin was courteous but cool. (coordinating adjectives) The next five minutes will determine whether we win or lose. Either or / Neither nor. Select rating Poor Okay Good Great Awesome.(Eitheror is used to refer to two things or people.) In most cases either can be omitted. Here are some examples: You can either stay here or come with us. When either. . .or, neither. . .nor, not only. . .but also, and whether. . . or join subjects, the verb matches the second subject only. 2. Either he or his friend will win the race. 2-NEITHER.NOR---- Express negative choice - EXAMPLES- 1. Neither Ravi nor his friend can swim.- EXAMPLES- 1.Whether you come or not , I will attend party. 2. Sumita always helps the poor , whether she has money or not. Neither means not one nor the other of two. Can you use either and neither correctly? Test your understanding with this grammar exercise.After mentioning a negative idea, we can add another negative point by using not either or neither. Neither of the speakers has arrived yet. (Pronoun)After the fight, he neither called nor wrote. (Conjunction)Whether you are using either or neither, you can only frame two alternatives/elements. (3) There is no negative for neither. NOTE: Either and neither can also come at the beginning of a sentence. Examples: Either we will go out, or we will stay at home. Neither of the restaurants is open today. l Complete the sentences. Use: either, or, neither, nor. Either/Or, Neither/Nor. First things firstIf you are matching either and nor, I hate to break it to you, but youre doing it wrong. Additionally, nor is generally not used where neither is not also used. Whether in a positive or negative sense, the combination "eitheror" is always correct. The correct use of " neithernor" can be tricky, which is why I suspect this course of instruction discourages it at the basic level of writing. Whetheror. Neithernor.Either you stay or I leave. A common grammatical mistake that occurs when using the correlative conjunction neitheror is subject-verb agreement. either . . . or We can go to either Greece or Spain for our holiday. Its my final offer you can either take it or leave it.Marriage is neither heaven nor hell, it is simply purgatory. (Abraham Lincoln). whether . . . or Whether you love them or hate them, you have to admit that the Rolling Stones are Neither Tom nor Paul lie to their friends. 1. Fred likes helping his friends. So does Linda. (bothand). 2. Harry used to date Ann. Or was it Helen?not onlybut also eitheror neithernor. 6. loyalty honesty are essential in a friendship. Neither nor is equivalent to not either or.Often when replying to a statement such as I dont like Maths my friends say Me either. I was just wondering whether this was correct as it has always seemed wrong to me as they are expressing a negative opinion. I mean, whether implies no matter what youre up to between the two choices, and with either the consequencewill be more relevant depending on your choices??I think thats correct I dont like neither cats nor dogs. Огромная библиотека аудио, видео и текстовых материалов для изучения английского языка. Покори английский с Lingualeo!