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Definition of canaliculus Our online dictionary has canaliculus information from A Dictionary of Nursing dictionary.canaliculus (ka-n-lik-yoo-ls) n. (pl. canaliculi) a small channel or canal. Canaliculus Definition, Meanings, Etimology and part of speech for Canaliculus - English Dictionary. Search for canaliculus at other dictionaries: OneLook, Oxford, American Heritage, Merriam-Webster, Wikipedia. See canaliculus used in context: 1 definition. Definition of Canaliculus. Canaliculus Canaliculus Canalic"ulus, n. pl. Canaliculi. [L.] (Anat.) A minute canal. canaliculus definition in online english dictionary. how to define canaliculus in english language.Define canaliculus. (noun) A small canal or duct in the body, such as the minute channels in canaliculi definition What is the function of the canaliculi? |Bile canaliculus (plural:bile canaliculi also called bile capillaries) is a thin tube that collects bile secreted by hepatocytes. Below is the definition for the word you requested, useful for Scrabble and other word games. To find more definitions please use the dictionary page. canaliculus. Dictionary. C.

Canaliculus. Definition Synonyms Antonyms Related words Rhymes. Search. Dictionary. The lacrimal drainage apparatus consists of the puncta on the upper lid and the lower lid, the canaliculi, the common canaliculus, the lacrimal sac, and the nasolacrimal duct. Definition of canaliculus (canaliculi) in the Dictionary.CANALICULUS (canaliculi).

canaliculus definition, meaning, English dictionary, synonym, see also canalicular,calculus,canaliculate,canalise, Reverso dictionary, English definition Canaliculus - Definition of Canaliculus and synonyms of Canaliculus are presented by online Websters Dictionary. Word definition: canaliculus. Defiintion of canaliculus: [n] a small canal or duct as in some bones and parts of plants.Canaliculi. canaliculi. plural of canaliculus (noun). definitions - CANALICULI. report a problem. canaliculus (n.) 1.a small canal or duct as in some bones and parts of plants. canaliculus - WordReference English dictionary, questions, discussion and forums. All Free.English definition English synonyms English-Spanish English-French English-Italian Spanish-English Derivations: canalicular.Canaliculus on Google. Note: If youre looking to improve your vocabulary right now, we highly recommend Ultimate Vocabulary Software. Link to This Definition Did you find this definition of CANALICULUS helpful? You can share it by copying the code below and adding it to your blog or web page. Canaliculus definition, a small canal or tubular passage, as in bone. See more.Word Origin. noun, plural canaliculi. Home - Canaliculus. DefineDefinition Of: Canaliculus. Hepatitis Central (TM) Liver Disease Medical Glossary. Definition of canaliculus. Word Frequency. canaliculus in American.

canalicular (canalicular), canaliculate (knlkjlt , -let) or canaliculated (canaliculated). Looking for online definition of canaliculus in the Medical Dictionary? canaliculus explanation free.bile canaliculi fine tubular channels forming a three-dimensional network within the parenchyma of Canaliculus Definition. Place your ad here Loadingsuperior canaliculus definition. Keyword Suggestions. Canaliculus definition. n 1: a small canal or duct as in some bones and parts of plants. Canaliculus definition. a small canal or tubular passage, as in bone. noun (pl) -li (-la) a small channel, furrow, or groove, as in some bones and parts of plants.Canaliculi. Definition of canaliculus in the English dictionary.canal duct body such minute channels compact origin define equivalent canli culus cule related forms canalicular canaliculate fisheries Find a translation for definition "Canaliculus" in other languages: - Select - (Chinese) Espaol (Spanish) (Japanese) Portugus (Portuguese) Deutsch (German) (Arabic) Define canaliculus: a minute canal in a bodily structure.Time Traveler! Explore the year a word first appeared. Definition of canaliculus. Other Canaliculus Definition. [n] a small canal or duct as in some bones and parts of plants. Definition of Canaliculus with photos and pictures, translations, sample usage, and additional links for more information.Definition of Canaliculus. 1. [n CANALICULI]. From Latin canliculus (small channel, pipe or gutter), diminutive of canlis (channel pipe, gutter), from canna (cane, reed), from Ancient Greek (knna, reed). canaliculus (plural canaliculi). (anatomy) Any of many small canals or ducts in the body, such as in the bone Definition of the noun canaliculus. What does canaliculus mean as a name of something?Canaliculus a.k.a. Bone canaliculus: Bone canaliculi are microscopic canals between the lacunae canaliculus has definitions from the fields of anatomy,zoology.canalicular canaliculate canalise cannelcoal canalize canalization canalisation. canaliculus love. Define. Relate.Definitions. from The American Heritage Dictionary of the English Language, 4th Edition. How to define the word canaliculus? The definition of canaliculus in Dictionary is as: Any of many small canals or ducts in the body, such as in the bone, or in some plants. canaliculus definition: noun pl. -li a very small groove, or canal, as in boneOrigin of canaliculusL, diminutive of canalis, groove: see canalcanaliculus. Noun. (plural canaliculi). Define canaliculus. canaliculus synonyms, canaliculus pronunciation, canaliculus translation, English dictionary definition of canaliculus. n. plcanalicular, canaliculate, canaliculated adj. We found 29 dictionaries with English definitions that include the word canaliculus: Click on the first link on a line below to go directly to a page where " canaliculus" is defined. What does canaliculus mean? Here you find 6 meanings of the word canaliculus. You can also add a definition of canaliculus yourself. Canaliculus as "a small canal or duct as in some bones and parts of plants". Under this definition, canaliculus is a noun and has the following properties Add your definition here. comments powered by Disqus. Also Mentioned In. canalicular canaliculi canaliculotomy canaliculate Definition of canaliculus in the dictionary Definition / Define. Canaliculus. Canaliculus Noun. Any of many small canals or ducts in bone or in some plants. a small canal or duct as in some bones and parts of plants Find a translation for the canaliculus definition in other languages: Select another language: - Select - (Chinese - Simplified) (Chinese - Traditional) Espaol (Spanish) Canalicular - definition. adjective. - relating to or like or having a canaliculus. Translation Definition. English English - canaliculus. n. small canal in the body (Anatomy) groove. Define Canaliculus by Websters Dictionary, WordNet Lexical Database, Dictionary of Computing, LegalDefinition Translation En -> Es Translation En -> De Translation En -> Fr Translation Es canaliculus definition from the mondofacto online medical dictionary. Definition of canaliculus: part of speech: noun. Canaliculi are small canals connecting the lacunae with one another or with the Haversian canals in bone canaliculus dentalis lacrimal canaliculus mastoid canaliculus tympanic canaliculus (pl. canaliculi). Definition of Canaliculus. Babylon English. small canal in the body (Anatomy) groove.Canaliculus Definition from Arts Humanities Dictionaries Glossaries.