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CSS list-style-image property: It is used to specify the image to be used as a bullet symbol Value: url( image path) Note: image size should be 12 x 12 ExaHTML video tutorial - 31 - html ul tag and html li tag - Duration: 6:13. Im using a list-style-image as follows: content ul li list-style-type: square list-style-image: url(/images/blackbullet.gif) font-size: small margin-bottom: .75em The code thats displaying it is benign (Ok, I think youve solved the image size problem now)instead of "list-style-image," make it "background:" This is indicating putting a background image to the. li. itself, so that you can get greater "bullet" control. ul list-style-image: url(picture.gif) .The images size is 14px x 14px. li border-bottom: 1px solid eee font-size: 14px list-style: none padding: 10px 0 10px 40px position: relativeul.second-example li:nth-child(2n):before background-position: -21px 0 Why exactly are we giving every second example a different list item image? See the list-style-image entry for a list of possible values. inherit. The list item inherits its list-style value from its parent.ul li list-style: upper-roman inside CSS - size.Description. The list-style-image property defines a pointer to an image resource that is to be used as the marker for list items. Background Image Size.list-style : set all properties in one declaration.

list-style-type : set item marker type. list-style-position : set list-item markers appear inside or outside of the content. list-style-image : set.list-type6 ul li a display:block width:390px margin-left: -40px height:24px I have an ul with a custom bullet symbol, like that: ul list-style- image:url(foo.png) Does anyone know a way to define the vertical alignment of the image? I tried line-height, padding and margin but the results arent very good. where background-size set the background image size. Thanks to Chris for the starting point here is a improvement which addresses the resizing of the images used, the use of first-child.panel-terminal-body ul list-style: none I hope this help you. Please try this. . ul li width:100pxheight:100px. Each list item needs to have three children: an image, a headline and a paragraph. The images that Im using are 100px by 100px so keep that in mind if you want to customize this to be a different size.overflow: auto ul. list-style-type: none li img. List Style Image.ul list-style: upper-roman inside ul ul list-style: circle outside li.

square list-style: square Setting "list-style" directly on "LI" elements can have unexpected results. .panel-terminal-body ul list-style: none I hope this help you. Please try this. . ul li width:100pxheight:100px. Tags: css list style image size. The list-style-image CSS property specifies an image to be used as the list item marker.Note: This property is applied to list items, i.e. elements with display: list-item by default this includes

  • elements. Because this property is inherited, it can be set on the parent element (normally
      or < ul li>You can use any image you like. <.

      Simple list-style-type and list-style-image example. 4. UL list-style- image: url(bullet.gif) list-style-position: outside list-style-image: url(arrow.gif) list- style-type: square When formatting a list, you can choose as many