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[A red haired Knight who sworn to protect Elrios] A Knight that wields a two handed sword. Uses quick yet powerful attacks with mysterious powers. [Dodge and Slash]. Use this skill to dodge an enemys attack and slash them. Master this skill to dodge a powerful attack at the right moment. . [Wild Shock]. Elesis: Red Officer 10/10. Elsword: Tanathos 8/10 Evil Tarcer 1 8/9 Full Body Set: Incubus.Manoplas: -Al acabar con monstruos jefe: -10 de tiempo de espera en habilidades -Revienta escorpiones: 11 (Elsword) -Tertius Insidiae: 12 Dao (Ain). /elesis (elsword). My Account . Login. lbum de fotos de Elesis (Opinin) Cual evolucin de Elesis es mejor Read Elsword X Elesis from the story Elsword Lemons BISH THIS IS SERIOUS! by MaO143 with 961 reads. elsword, siscon, elesis. GrM x LK swd3e2 elsword elesis cleavage sword wallpaper. Elesis to feroz como ela calculada, expressando ataques tranqilo com sua claymore sobre seus inimigos. Embora exercendo um poderoso claymore, Elesis mesma gil. Ela capaz de fugir e gap estreita com efeito extremo. I somewhat doubt itthen again, it would be unfair to players who made an Elesis/Elsword just to find out they cant marry the player they choose. But it would be squicky as hell, due to the implications One man with an imaginary friend is an idiot. Nexon baru saja mengumungkan anime yang berjudul Elsword: El Lady. Kegelapan dimana-mana dan gelombang kegelapan menyebar ke tanah yang kering dimana kehancuran terlahir.

Itu yang cewe rambut merah elesis??? Baila con las Llamas Blazing Heart Es hora de que la Pyro Knight perfeccione realmente sus habilidades para manejar el fuego!Incluyan su nombre dentro del juego (IGN/PJ) y escriban Elsword y Elesis. Termina el 13 de Abril 11:59PM PDT.

All Characters (A) Add Ain Aisha Apple Ara H. Ariel Banthus Chloe Chung Ciel Echo Edan Elesis Elsword Eun Eve Glaive Helen Helputt Karis Lowe Lu Luto OC Oberon Perkisas QPROTO00 Raven Rena Rose Ruriel Valak William Yuno. So please Elsword - Elesis base lvl 21 PvP 157 - YouTube www. That means dont knock down in PvE or in PvP or else I will get really pissed at you. 1 - YouTube www. Classe Base Habilidades de Confronto consomem menos MP no PVE e no PVP O tempo de recarga de Habilidades de Lol Its so sweet Add and Elesis.See More. Anime People, Anime Guys, El Anime, Anime Poses, Anime Male, Add Elsword, Elsword Game, Fantastic Art, Manga Art. [Elsalty] How to Hack Elsword PvP Добавлено: 1 год. Добавил: Dark Flame. [ Elsword KR] Elesis Grand Master 1v1 PvP Aren Добавлено: 8 мес. Добавил: Sinhe Park. [ Elsword] Combo elesis Blazing heart. Read Elesis Elsword Reviews and Customer Ratings on masou gakuen,kanade,ayame sarutobi,sarutobi ayame, Reviews, Home Garden,Pillow Case,Novelty Special Use Clothing,Cosplay Shoes, Reviews and more at Aliexpress.com. [Elsword KR]Elesis Crimson Avenger PvP in SSS rank.[Elsword KR]Elesis Revamp Testing 6 - Grand Master (PVP Videos). Anyway the most used class for Elsword players is Rune Slayer whish is obvious second most used i will say is Infinity Sword then Lord Knight.The beautiful Elf ranger that is best girl in Elsword which Ara and Elesis try to take away from her (prefer both her and Ara as best girl). This weeks Elsword Online update brings you the Crimson Avenger, the new 2nd Job for Elesis.She survives by absorbing energy from the Dark El, but ends up with a distorted mind. As the Crimson Avenger, she is now consumed by darkness. Elsword - Trascendencia para mi Crimson Avenger (CrA). 20 hours ago 26. Jormungand: Perfect Order Capitulo 8 REACTION. Read more information about the character Elesis from Elsword: El-ui Yeoin? At MyAnimeList, you can find out about their voice actors, animeography, pictures and much more! MyAnimeList is the largest online anime and manga database in the world! Are you sure you want to view these Tweets? Viewing Tweets wont unblock ElswordELESIS.ElswordELESIS hasnt Tweeted. When they do, their Tweets will show up here. honestly, its tough for me to decide which one to make. I made both SbK and PK on release (37 and 34) in NA, but I like Elesis in general, because swords. whichever has the more interesting combo extensions, I suppose. leaning GM though, because big swords. Wanna know how well you know Elesis from Elsword?Elsword,Aisha,Rena,Raven,Eve,Chung,Ara,Elesis,Add,L u,Ciel,Rose and Ain they will all be in the story and I do not own the pic 3. Elesis (Elsword). characters have different names cause theres too many aras and chungs to function.elesis fucking decimates els in one scene cheers for that. Summary. Elsword never believed in spirits, in ghosts or demons or whatever. The last 3 panels for each have pretty weird eyes, I love it The list of classes and characters in South Korean MMORPG 2.5D side scrolling Elsword, developed by KOG and published by Nexon. In the world of Elsword, player are able to choose classes by choosing a character, each with their own backgrounds and characteristics. Lets spread Elesis (Elsword) to all over the world with us to get an anime stuff you want free. [Elsword] - Cancin "El spam de Elesis". Загружено 19 июня 2014.El Enemigo Mortal Elsword Publiquen xD. Загружено 13 сентября 2015. Siganme Acompaando en esta Aventura!! owo/ Soy jadhe Defensora del Pueblito de Elios! Elesis, Elswords big sister and mentor, is a fearsome free knight who carries a great Claymore sword. With her zeal and remarkable fighting skills, she has found her way through Elrios and back to Ruben, now tougher than ever. [Elsword KR] Elesis Empire Sword 1v1 PvP Arena.[Elsword NA] Elesis T.Grand Master Vs Adds Energy Fusion Theory. Yes, I got the weapon -b) I didnt edit too much on this because I didnt want to add it to my pile of projects. Elsword - Elesis, Vingadora Escarlate - Duration: 0:55. Level Up - Jogos Online Gratuitos 7,892 views.Elsword - Habilidades Hiperativas - Duration: 2:50. Elsword. View Stats: Global Achievements.28 Mar, 2015 8:28am. what are some low KD elesis combos? CrA specifically, but what about just regular z and x attacks? her zzz has high KD. [ELSWORD] elesis. 526 images. 348 views. Liked Like Share. [ELSWORD] elesis. Most recent. During a training session Elesis and Elsword come face to face with Scar, Captain of the Demon World, who has come for Elesis head. Gasp! Being the fearless knight that she is stands her ground and defeats Scar with the help of Elsword. Elesis Elsword . Rune Slayer (Elsword) Elnh p Elsword Tm ViElesis Elsword Cosplay By Bathroom Time With Elsword And Elesis by tristanbonus - A Member of the Internets Largest Humor Community.Bathroom Time With Elsword And Elesis. added 3 years ago. KICKAcosplay 171 13 Grand Chase Beach Girls Suihara 823 118 Elsword: Grand Master Elesis ForbiddenImmortality 458 32 [MMD-Elsword] Elesis BH (dl down, update) Darknessmagician 153 35 Rena Night Watcher Cosplay KICKAcosplay 186 15 Elsword She returned three years later, bearing the title "Red Haired Knight" and spent her time helping her younger brother Elsword with his training, that was short lived though as theElesis joined up with her brothers team to protect the continent of Elrios, that team was known as The ElSearchParty. На домашнюю страницу Bing. www.youtube.com. [Elsword] Elesis Voice Mod Part 5 - YouTube. 480 x 360 jpeg 14 КБ. www.downloads-game.net.759 x 1024 png 478 КБ. www.youtube.com. [Elsword] AsunaALO Mod - Sword Art Online - YouTube. elsword elsword elboy elsword elesis also her elsword is named lightishred that is amazing red vs blue.Want to see more posts tagged elsword elesis? Sign up for Tumblr. Main Article: Ruben Forest (Elsword) Elsword is the younger brother of Elesis, the inaugural captain of Velders Red Knights.Related Video Of Elesis Elsword Characters. Learn more about the female protagonist, Elesis, whos joining the battle in Elsword. Zerochan has 80 Elesis (Elsword) anime images, Android/iPhone wallpapers, fanart, facebook covers, and many more in its gallery.The big sword can be misleading as she is very agile and can focus her energy to create fire that enhances her combat abilities. Elesis is as fierce as she is calculated, expressing sedate attacks with her claymore onto her enemies. Although wielding a mighty claymore, Elesis herself is agile. She is able to evade and gap close with extreme effect unlike her brother Elsword, who incorporates a more defensive fighting-style. Elsword art gallery containing characters, concept art, and promotional pictures.Elesis. Video Game Art And Design.

PARTNERS. too lazy to play and Ive been staring at my Elesis whole day so let me just leave this here and. runs away from other Elesis users ( -) I REGRET NOTHIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIING![Elsword] Theme Song Parody :3. I think my subs went up because of this vid. Too lazy to play and Ive been staring at my Elesis whole day so let me just leave this here and. runs away from other Elesis users ( -) I Elsword-Elesis CrA. by angeloidark. Add-on Information for Elsword-Elesis CrA. Updated. April 30, 2015. Hi guys,Elsword just released the new character,Elswords sister,Elesis!Enjoy watching a walkthrough of Elesis. Music(s): N/A Game(s): Elsword .