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This is the actual truth and reason why Zayn is leaving- Zayn Malik says he is quitting best-selling British boy band One Direction because he wants to lead a normal life but the group will continue without him, they say. By now, the wounds of Zayn Maliks early departure from One Direction have started to heal, especially with the help of his solo music.Zayn took some out with Glamour to reveal all of his "firsts" and things got extraterrestrial when they asked the singer the first time he thought about leaving 1D Zayn Malik admits this week has been crazy for him. The singer who broke the hearts of millions when he announced that he would be leaving the band One Direction has spoken out for the first time, saying, It is crazy and wild and a bit mad but at the same time Ive never felt more in control in my life.. We are going to tread lightly here because we know everyone is still in a very fragile state after news broke of Zayn Malik leaving the One Direction. Even though its been a few weeks — we dont think any 1D fan has fully recovered from the departure. The news follows Maliks recent exit from the bands current world tour, where he cited "stress" as the reason for his leave.One Directions full statement on the departure of Zayn Malik. After five incredible years Zayn Malik has decided to leave One Direction. X. Report This Content. Reason Its inappropriate Its bullying Its spam. Zayn Malik says the reason he left One Direction was faked: Do I look like a 35-year-old lawyer?. Adam StarkeyThursday 3 Nov 2016 8:15 am. Share this article with Facebook Share this article with Twitter Share this article with Google Plus Share this article through email Share this article with Zayn Malik Leaves One Direction Due to Stress, 1D Fans React on Twitter.

Speculations surfaced that the main reason why Malik left One Direction is the recent news that he was spotted holding hands with another girl. Hi, today Im going to unbox Zayn Malik and also show you the real reason why he left One Direction. RIP in peace in pieces m8. Click here for more Its official, Zayn Malik is leaving One Direction. The 22-year-old British heartthrob announced his decision to call it quits via the bands official Facebook page on Wednesday afternoon. In a public statement, he says Just Jared reports from an interview with Glamour that Zayn Malik left 1D because. [Spoiler (click to open)]"an alien spoke to him in a dream." He also revealed that the first person he texts when he wakes up is his mother, and not girlfriend Gigi Hadid Ziam Lives! Not too long ago, Zayn Malik parted ways with his band One Direction to pursue a solo singing career. Though many eyebrows were raised, everyone wanted to know the reason behind Zayn?s decision. Well, finally the singer has opened up about the same and here?s what he had to say. Zayn Malik actually never revealed the reason behind leaving one direction.

From the first he was Intresrted in but his Band Preffered more Pop Rock Style. These were the main 2 reasons for Zayn Malik leaving One direction. I think we can all agree Zayn Malik is a bit of a dick.The 23-year-old singer recently revealed the reason he decided to leave One Direction last year was down to a visitation from an extra-terrestrial being in his dream. Simon Cowell on Zayn Malik Leaving One D 3 years ago. by The Late Late Show with James Corden 3 years ago. Zayn Malik SPEAKS OUT After Quitting One Zayn Maliks reason is pretty straightforward. He left One Direction because he wanted to stop living a lie and honor who he is. Most fans agree that theres nothing wrong with that but, Simon Cowell, the bands mentor when they were on X-Factor, seems to think there is. One Directions Zayn Malik has left the band, according to their Facebook page. The news comes on the heels of Maliks announcement last week that he wouldnt be joining One Direction for the rest of their tour because of stress. Malik stated his reason for the departure was his wish to be a normal 22-year-old who is able to relax and have some private time out of the spotlight.In terms of sheer popularity, Zayn leaving 1D is a bit like John leaving the Beatles. Listen To Zayn Maliks FIRST New Song Befour And Prepare To COMPLETELY Lose Your Chill! The UK singer - who dramatically quit the band after four years back in March this year - has kept noticeably silent over the past eight months about why he left the 1D machine. 10/14/2015 1:50 PM ET | Filed under: Music Minute One Direction Zayn Malik Liam Payne. Blunt. We still cant believe its been over six months since Zayn Malik left One Direction, but to this day new information about their breakup continues to slip through the cracks. Simon Cowell talks to James about his reaction to Zayn Malik leaving One Direction and then Michael Douglas tries to stir the pot. Subscribe To "The Late Late Show" Channel HERE: The Mysterious Reason Zayn Really Left One Direction.Zayn Malik has offered up lots of answers as to why he decided to leave One Direction on that fateful March 2015 day, but his latest explanation is the weirdest one yet. The song will likely explain why he left 1D.Now is definitely the time for his fans to know the reasons behind his actions. Through his music, Zayn Malik will be able to express his thoughts and feelings towards his fans and towards One Direction as well. Simon Cowell on Zayn Malik Leaving One Direction.Guys the reason he hasnt return to 1D back is while that time all the boys left so how was he supposed to be there agin. Zayn says: "My life with One Direction has been more than I could ever have imagined. But, after five years, I feel like it is now the right time for me to leave the band. Id like to apologise to the fans if Ive let anyone down, but I have to do what feels right in my heart. Ooh. Have we just found out the real reason why Zayn Malik left One Direction?! Former bandmate Liam Payne paid a visit to Capital FM this morning, and while he was there, seemed to let slip the real reason why Zayn sensationally quit back in March Yesterday, we learnt that Zayn has left One Direction.Will they be as popular minus the charm of Zayn? Well have to wait and see. In the meantime, here are five reasons why Zayn Malik leaving 1D really sucks. Zayn Malik reveals the real reason behind leaving One Direction and its far from what you think. Updated: About 1 year ago. Musictimes. Zayn Malik recently revealed the real reason (at least thats what he says) behind him leaving the boy band One Direction, and not only is it completely absurd ZAYN Malik is to tell the full story behind him quitting One Direction.Naughty Boy said: Zayns in a great place. Zayn left for his own personal reasons and one day people will know everything, and right now is not the time. Former One Direction singer and professional pouter Zayn Malik has revealed the out of this world reason behind why he quit the popular boy band.These visitors clearly had his best interests at heart though as Zayn has enjoyed massive success since leaving 1D with both his debut single and album Zayn Malik Leaves One Direction Their Last Performance Together. Duration: 11:59 Size: 27.43 MB.Liam Payne Reveals Zayn Malik REAL REASON For Leaving One Direction. Zayn Malik has decided to part ways with One Direction. After leaving the bands On The Road Again Tour due to "stress," Zayn announced his departure will be permanent. Fans React: Zayn Malik Leaves One DirectionVine Compilation. The Real Reason Zayn Malik Left One Direction! All the conspiracy theories surrounding Zayn Maliks sudden decision to quit One Direction can finally be put to bed. His boy band defection happened for one reason and one reason only: He hated the music. In his first interview since leaving 1D earlier this year Markus Feehily Gives His Opinion On Zayn Leaving 1D.Zayn Malik. Flying Solo: What The One Direction Boys Did Next. Still Got Time (Ft.

PARTYNEXTDOOR) [Explicit]. Zayn Malik. Well, now Malik is giving a different reason as for why he left the band that made him famous.So he left 1D to show his fans the "real" him and to produce "real music." Um, Zayn, thats not what you originally told fans. Read Where did Zayn Malik go? from the story Why Would Zayn Malik Leave One Direction? by larryftziam (Tee Malik) with 149 reads. harry, zen, zayn .Questions, questions. Reason 1. I am leaving because I want to be a normal 22-year-old who is able to relax and have some private time out of the spotlight, says the singer. After 5 years with One Direction, boy band member Zayn Malik has decided to sway into a different one. (Refer to the original Facebook post here.) " Zayn Malik on Leaving One Direction" Track Info. Release Date March 25, 2015. Why Zayn Malik Leaving One Direction Was For The Better.Everything happens for a reason, even something as tragic as Zayn Malik leaving One Direction. If youre still grieving over his departure from the band, rest assured that hes in a better place. Zayn Malik suggests his infamous reason for leaving One Direction was faked by someone else. He wanted to leave to be a "normal 22-year-old" right? Both fans and fellow celebrities are feeling beyond emotional over Zayn Maliks decision to leave One Direction, but no one is going through as tough of a time as the remaining members of 1D.Turns Out, Anxiety isnt the Only Reason Zayn Malik Didnt Go on Tour. Liam Payne Revealed the Real Reason Zayn Malik Wanted to Leave One Direction.Related: The 1D Boys Spill On How They REALLY Felt About Zayn Leaving. Louis Tomlinson and Liam Payne Just Pranked Niall Horan in the Best Way Possible. When Zayn Malik left 1D over a year ago, the whole world stopped.16 months on and Zayn has finally revealed the reason behind his monumental decision: extraterrestrial forces made him do it. (Only floor-length abayas do it for Mr Malik.) 7.) Steal My Girl just didnt make any sense to him. Aint no need to steal anyones girl when you can have four wives of your very own waiting at home.This is the best response Ive seen to Zayn leaving. The Real Reason Why ZAYN MALIK Quit One Direction (Kaiku Visa Prepaid Card). Made in the a.M review/ zayn/larry. Zayn book unboxing!!! InesOnScreen. If one direction was siri. WHY ZAYN LEFT ONE DIRECTION II Sebb Argo. Zayn Malik Leaving One Direction GoodBye Leaves Band - Quits Left Group 1 D Fans Reaction Crying!! Zayn Malik Thanks One Direction in Heartwarming Speech at Asian Awards, 1st Appearance Since Leaving Band. Over a year has passed since Zayn Malik quit 1D, but the wounds still run deep through the hearts of Directioners.Oh yeah, and weve got the bizarre reason why he quit the band in the first place. Spoiler alert: its out of this world. Zayn Leaves 1D: 10 Must-See Twitter Reactions.Part of the reason is just personality: Timberlake is a born performer who was always an NSYNC breakout, while Malik was always known as the quiet one in the group. Zayn Malik has officially quit One Direction and has EXCLUSIVELY learned the reasons behind his heartbreaking decision!Backstreet Boys, Nick Jonas More: Celebs React To Zayn Leaving 1D.