remove outer border table css





What I want to achieve is to have border only inside the table around table cells (without outer border around the table).Change an HTML5 inputs placeholder color with CSS. How to remove border (outline) around text/input boxes? . If you create borderedtable and bordered class that can be applied to particular tables, then you can set a border around only specific tables in the page. How to create a table with no outer border but inner borders only. Something like this one (See bottom right in the page).(In the same way you can remove the bottom-border for the last row. You can use Firebug to analyse their CSS, helps a lot!) You are here: Home References CSS Properties . CSS Property: border-style.Used with tables. Same as none, except where there are conflicting borders. HTML table borders are specified using Cascading Style Sheets (CSS).If we include the padding against the table, wed end up with extra padding between the outer cells and the outside of the table.No Border on Table Headers. You can also remove the border from the th element. Bootstrap table remove border- Sometimes we need borderless table in bootstrap, we can override the default functionality by our custom css.Bootstrap table remove border Example: