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All foreign domestic helpers in Hong Kong should be paid not less than the Minimum Allowable Wage of HK4,310 per month if theirStatutory Holidays A foreign domestic helper is entitled to: 12 statutory holidays in a year and.A public concert was held in saudi arabia, is this Since the early 1980s, migrant domestic workers have congregated in Hong Kongs public spaces every Sunday and for public holidays.Photograph: Jessamine Barnieh. Hong Kongs domestic workers (also known simply as helpers) are required by employment law to live in. The territorial area of Hong Kong is becoming very crowded each year. The growing number of inhabitants resulted to shutting of streets during Sundays and holidays so foreign nationals, mostly domestic helpers, can roam around the area. There are 10 public holidays in Hong Kong in 2016.The Nearest Hong Kong public holiday in 2016 from now 28 February 2018 is Change Year 2019 2017 2016 2015 2014 2013.According to Hong Kong laws, when a designated public holiday falls on a Sunday or on the same day of another holiday, the immediate following weekday would be a public holiday. Age Limit. Premium for each Domestic Helper (HK). Waiting Period. Benefits Table.Discount for Public Bank (Hong Kong) Credit Card cardholders: 40.Office Hours: Monday to Friday: 9:00 17:30 Closed on Saturday, Sunday and Public Holidays. Weather. Public Holidays. Embassy Contacts. Safety.There are over 300,000 foreign domestic helpers in Hong Kong, and the vast majority of them are Filipino, Indonesian or Thai. Practical Guide For Employment Of Foreign Domestic Helpers What foreign domestic collected by the relevant consulates in Hong Kong, fees charged by the.2016 public holidays japan january 1 (fri) new hong kong january 1 (fri new years holiday february 7 The Hong Kong government sets all annual religious and national holidays.

These are called statutory holidays and all employers, including employers of domestic helpers, must adhere to these dates. In total, employees are entitled to 17 days of public holidays. 2016, 2017 HK public holidays and statutory holidays (suitable.A platform for filipino domestic helpers to find jobs in Hong Kong. 4 October 2015. Import public holidays to your calendar or check out our cultural tips how to spend public holidays.Hong Kong Special Administrative Region Establishment Day. 16 Sep 2016 (Friday) - / Day following the Mid-Autumn Festival. Domestic Helps day off in Central. Hiring a Domestic Helper in Hong Kong.

Paid annual holiday is mandatory after one year of service. Holiday entitlement starts at 7 days per year worked and increases by length of service to a maximum of 2 weeks a year. NB Most businesses observe General Holidays, which are in excess of the Statutory holidays observed by some workers, e.g. Domestic Helpers.Hong Kong holds a public parade and a dramatic firework display over the harbour. QBE Helper Insurance. Guidebook for Employment of DHs from abroad. Online Recruit. Direct Hire Guide.Text/HTML. The 12 Statutory Holidays For Foreign Domestic Helpers In 2018. Many expats moving to Hong Kong are pleasantly surprised by the readily available and affordable domestic help here.Like every employee in Hong Kong, helpers are entitled to enjoy 12 statutory holidays as well as annual leave. But most expat employers grant their helper all general public Domestic Helper HK Statutory Holidays 2016 includes: Lunar New Years Day, Ching Ming Festival, Tuen Ng Festival, HK SAR Establishment Day, National Day, Christmas Day General holidays (HK) for 2013 For Domestic Helper EveryHK Serviced Apartments. Hong Kong Domestic Helpers. Raimondi College and St Pauls Convent students triumph in HKFYG Standard Chartered English Public Speaking Contest.Many businesses across the city have set up cash giveaways so that Filipino domestic helpers, stranded in Hong Kong over the holidays thanks to a ticketing fiasco, will Furthermore, please note that an application will not be accepted if the employment contract will be expired before departure or during his/her stay in Japan (It is necessary to guarantee that the domestic helper will return to Hong Kong or Macau by the same residency visa). Public Transport. Hong Kong Bus Services.Domestic helpers are entitled to seven days holiday per year. Contracts may be terminated with one months written notice or one months salary. Assistance Outside Hong Kong. Services for Non-permanent Residents. Useful Tips. Access to Information and Records.The following list of general holidays for 2016 is gazetted for public information Check Hong Kong public holidays for the calendar year 2016 declared by the Government of Hong Kong. Check dates in 2016 for The first day of January, Lunar New Years Day, Good Friday, Easter Monday, Tuen Ng Festival, Ching Ming Festival and The Birthday of the Buddha, Christmas. In Hong Kong Cantonese, (maid) and (foreign servant) are neutral, socially-acceptable words for foreign domestic helpers.Minimum 7 days to maximum 14 days of paid annual leave based on length of service[29]. 12 days of statutory holidays during an entire year[29]. Discover upcoming public holiday dates for Hong Kong and start planning to make the most of your time off.Hong Kong currently celebrates 17 national holidays. Of these 17 dates, 12 are considered statutory holidays. Hong Kong Rugby Sevens.

This year Friday 27th to Sunday 29th. April 2015. Public Holiday.For children of all ages a visit to Statue Square in Central is always worth a look, every year they come up with a new theme. January 2016. Hong kong calendar screenshot 2017 yearly calendar landscape 06 resource image 2017 hk public holidays 2016 hong kong.Hk Holiday Calendar 2017 2018 1mobile. Index Of Images Holidays. Domestic Helper Holiday 2017 Sportstle. Discover the complete list of Hong Kongs public holiday dates for 2017, and start planning to make the most of your time off!Domestic Helper HK Statutory Holidays Hong Kong Extras - Public Holidays 2016 and 2017.2 Practical Guide For Employment Of Fdhs Eng - Labour Practical Guide For Employment Of Foreign Domestic Helpers What foreign domestic helpers and their employers should know . Last updated on 6-May-16. Domestic helper.I am Evangeline from the Philippines and working here in Hong kong for 14 years with 2 employers in which my first employer was Chinese and had finished one contract with them. HK Helpers Campaign is engaged in lobbying and public awareness campaigns to scrap the two-week rule, enforce maximum working hours, and end illegal agency fees.2016. Hong Kong Domestic Helpers Dreams Dashed by Debt. Of hong kong statutory holidays in chinese and english you can save the image print it for reference or a printer friendly just three days of leave from wednesday to friday make a 10 day vacation that lasts until january 2 2017 monday designated as publicDomestic Helper Holiday Lifehacked1st Com. Domestic Helper HK Statutory Holidays 2016| Maid Public HolidayForums Hong Kong Domestic Help Statutory holiday - new helper BROWSE IN FORUM SEARCH Searc An FDH is admitted into Hong Kong for full-time, live-in employment with a specific employer to perform domestic duties at the employers residence specified in the Standard Employment Contract (the Contract) (ID407). Hong Kong Extras - Public Holidays 2016 and 2017.4 Practical Guide For Employment Of Fdhs Eng - Labour Practical Guide For Employment Of Foreign Domestic Helpers What foreign domestic helpers and their employers should know . Official public holidays 2016 in Hong Kong are provided for by legislation, namely the General Holidays Ordinance. Once in Hong Kong, Mary discovered that her living conditions, welfare and benefits, and holidays were worse than the staff.65 Ge, Celine, Domestic helper taken across border to mainland China and leased out illegally for 10 days, The South China Morning Post, 12 January 2016, available at If you are hiring a domestic helper in hong kong, the question of her accommodation must be in your mind. Dont forget to provide her a suitable accommodation with Reasonable Privacy. About Hong Kong. Public Holidays. Faqs. Testimonials.If an individual employer has a genuine need for a domestic helper to perform driving duties, the employer must seek an exceptional permission from the Immigration Department. Helpers voices are rarely heard, if not absent, from the public debate.The status of foreign domestic helpers in Hong Kong poses important challenges to gender equality. This is all the more the case in 2016, as migration patterns have become increasingly feminised, and female labour rights 1823 Online has prepared the Hong Kong Public Holidays calendar in iCal format for your use! iCal, short form of iCalendar, is a common file format used for sharing calendar data. iCal is compatible with most of the current calendar program. We currently provide data of HK public holidays for 2016-2018. Entertainment : one-day holiday every week (usually on Sunday or public holiday) - Gathering with other domestic helpers under pedestrian overpass or inHK Helpers Campaign, n.d. Web. 17 Apr. 2016. social Fairness Harmony Second mother of the family (role switching in Hong Kong family) The standard employment contract (ID 407) is the only official employment contract for all foreign domestic helpers in Hong Kong.A All foreign domestic helpers, irrespective of their length of services, are entitled to the following 12 statutory holidays in a year The first day of Januarykong 2016 for domestic helper, public holidays hong kong 2016 helpers, public holidays2016, how many public holidays in hong kong 2016, hong kong public library holidays 2016, ongood morning quotes hd wallpapers images 2015 2016 for Luxury Good Morning Images with National holiday. Jul 2. Monday. Hong Kong Special Administrative Region Establishment Day observed. National holiday. is a social enterprise that aims to make employment of domestic helpers in Singapore transparent, cost efficient and convenient.We strictly adhere to the Personal Data Protection Act, we will never reveal, share, sell or make public this information for any reason. Hong Kong, Singapore. except Hong Kong public holidays, ). Organic Food in Hong KongHK Helpers Campaign is a successful holidays , much-needed platform fighting for the rights of domestic workers in Hong Kong. DOMESTIC HELPER HONG KONG - Overviews, Job-Interviews related questions ebook(pdf).>> domestic helper hong kong statutory holidays 2014. December 27, 2016. How to Take Hong Kong Public Buses.Post navigation. Domestic Helpers Should Celebrate Lunar New Year Holidays Too. Wan Chai MTR Station. HK Expats on Facebook. Find full or part time domestic helpers in Hong Kong.FAQs Interview/Tasks Helper Holidays.Employment History. Current Employer March 2016 to March 2018. Total Months Employed: 24.Cooking Abilties: Asian. Courses Certifcates: industrial and marketing management/ public administration. Holidays In Hong Kong 2017 For Domestic Helper. Hiring a Maid or Domestic Helper in Hong Kong. Exchanging your expat driving license for a Hong Kong license.The public holidays are gazetted for the public anually and can be found on the Hong Kong government website.