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Income Tax Return Due Date AY 2015-16. Sr no. Particulars.Qus : If the last date of filing falls on Saturday or Sunday or Public Holiday and Income Tax Department is closed on these days, can subsequent Monday be treated as " Last date of Filing"? Around 34 million income tax returns (ITR) were filed in the assessment year (AY) 2014-15.For the current AY (2015-16), last date of filing the tax returns has been extended from 31 July to 31 August. March 1, 2018 - Income Tax e-Filing, Income Tax for Starters (Basics), Income Tax Learning, Income Tax Updates, Latest News.31 March 2019. for F.Y. 2015-16 Return can be revised only when ITR is filed by the due date. Last date of Filing of Income Tax Return is extended up to 31 August 2015 for the assessment year 2015-16. It is mandatory to file income tax return electronically if your gross total income is exceeding 5 Lakh. Resident Income Tax Return. New York State.For the full year January 1, 2015, through December 31, 2015, or fiscal year beginning.MI Your last name (for a joint return, enter spouses name on line below) Your date of birth (mmddyyyy) Your social security number. Income Tax NEWS TAX RETURN.The government on Wednesday extended the last date for filing of income tax returns by 31st days to August 31, 2015.

The due date,which was July 31,has been extended in wake of unprecedented surge in number of I-T returns being filed electronically. Today is the last date for filing your income tax return for FY2016-17 or AY2017-18.The due date for filing the ITR remains same for the FY 2016-17 as was for the FY 2015-16 i.e. 31st July for individuals with salary, house property and other income. Last date of Income Tax Return filing is approaching.5. From FY 2015-16, Transport Allowance is exempted up to Rs.1,600 per month.

6. A Standard deduction of 30 is available on Income from House Property. Income Tax return forms for assessment year 2015-16.Simplified Income Tax Return Forms ITR 1, 2 and 4S: Due date. Information asked by the Income Tax Officer in case of 7 smart things to know about filing Income Tax return of Last date to file your income tax return was 31 st July2015. which got extended till 7th September 2015. However, there is a provision in the law where you can file return even after due date is expired i.e. Belated Return- Filing ofWhether you can file a return of income for the AY 201516 :- No. Last date to file IT returns extended to 05-08-2017 due to problem in linking PAN and Aadhaar while e-filing ITR at KARACHI: Tax practitioners have urged Finance Minister Ishaq Dar to extend the last date for filing income tax returns for all taxpayers up toUpdated tax slabs for salaried persons in 2016/2017 by Anjali July 16, 2016 (114,942). Withholding tax rate card for fiscal year 2015/2016 by Ali July 14, 2015 DID You file a city return last year? I had no taxable income in 2015. Disabled Pension. Figure your total income.16. Estimated credits (tax withheld, paid by partnerships, paid to otherThe return must be signed and dated. The last date for filing income-tax returns has been extended to August 5. Tax returns for 2015-16 (assessment year 2016-17) were originally to be filed by July 31. But in view of the day-long strike at public sector banks, the deadline has been extended to August 5. Last date for Filing Income Tax Returns.And last date for filing returns for FY 2015-16 which is AY 2016-17 was 5 Aug 2016. If one missed the last date for filing returns, one can still file returns till 31st Mar of the Assessment year . Arjuna (Fictional Character): Krishna, the last month of the financial year 2017-18 is about to begin and so is the worries of all the taxpayers, what must a taxpayer should know for this year march ending?Krishna: Arjuna, The due date for filing the income tax return for the year 2015-16 was 05th August 2015 Oklahoma Resident Fiduciary Income Tax Forms and Instructions. This packet contains: Instructions for completing the Form 513 513 fiduciary income tax form 2015 fiduciary income tax table Filing date: Generally, your return must be postmarked by. Check List for Individual Assessee for Filing Income Tax Return. Copy of PAN card or Copy of Last Year Return.Recently CBDT has Notified New Income Tax Return Forms for A Y 2017-18 vide its Notification No. 21/2017, Dated: March 30, 2017. Every individual liable to pay tax in India is required to file income tax return before the due date as specified in income tax act 1961.

Some people also call it last date of filling income tax return.I Want to ask how much peanlty and interest after file audit file for ay 2015-16 Filing Income Tax Return. July 30, 2015.Even if the form 16/ 16A has not been issued by the deductor, the tax deducted details can be verified by the deductee online in 26 AS available on the income tax website. Return Forms can be filed with the Income-tax Department in any of the following waysFollowing taxpayers shall file their return of income only through e- filing mode: From the assessment year 2015-16 onwards any assessee filing ITR 1/2/2A (other than an individual of the age of 80 years or File your tax return with HMRCs free online service.2 Y our spouse or civil partners last name. 5 Date of marriage or civil partnership DD MM YYYY.1 If you have had any 201516 Income Tax refunded or set off by us or Jobcentre Plus, enter the amount. The last date for filing income tax return for AY 2015-16 (FY 2014-15) is August 31, 2015. However in case you are carrying on a business and your accounts are required to be audited, the due date gets extended till September 30, 2015. The income tax department has sent out emails to taxpayers reminding them to e-file income tax returns for income earned in FY 2015-16The due date for submission of tax returns for FY 2015-16 is 31st July 2016. The following email has been sent-. Dear Taxpayer, By this time last year Sep 3, 2015: The department of Income Tax has extended the deadline for online filing of returns for the 2015-16 assessment year by seven days (till September 7), as e-filing services went slow on the earlier deadline of August 31. So Here is last due dates for Filing Income tax return for the year 2015.Due Date. 1. For any other assessees Like Salaried Income , Person having Income from House property ,Interest income , Business Income where accounts are not required to be audited. Last Dates to File Income Tax Return AY 2017-18.Hello sir, In the case of Individual I T Return for AY 2015-16 e-filing status showing ITRV copy received after due date. In this assessment year refund showing. what can i do? IMPORTANT : Last date to file your income tax return for Assessment Year 2015-16 (FY 2014-15) without penalty is 31st March 2016 read here. These reminders were sent only for the AY 2015-16.Thus, the last date for filing of belated income tax return for the AY 2016-17 might be 31st of March, 2018 and not 31st of March, 2017. Income Tax Department > Downloads > Income Tax Returns Income Tax Departmente-File. For Individuals having Income from Salaries, one house property, other sources (Interest etc.) and(Please see Rule 12 of the Income-tax Rules,1962 Date of Birth/ Formation(DD/MM/YYYY Aadhaar The last dates for filing income tax returns are as followingThat means you can file your income tax returns for AY 2015-16 by 31st March 2017. However, there are certain causes and consequences in case of filing belated income tax returns. U.S. Individual Income Tax Return. For the year Jan.Last name. Spouses social security number. Home address (number and street).2 Married filing jointly (even if only one had income). the qualifying person is a child but not your dependent, enter this.b Taxable amount . . . 16a Pensions and annuities 16a. What is the last day of filing the tax return? The due date of filing income tax return for the financial year 2015-16 is 31st July 2016. What if I do not file taxes on time? If you filed your 2014 tax return under a different last name, write the last name only from the 2014 tax return. Taxpayer.Exemptions. 3101153. Form 540 C1 2015 Side 1. Other Taxes. Special Credits. Tax. Taxable Income. Last dates for filing tds, vat, service tax and income tax returns Which date is last date to file my income tax audit and Penalty.Professional tax return filing due date in maharashtra fy 2014-15 ay 2015 -16. HRA Self Declaration format if Landlord does not have PAN Card. I have also explained the last date of filing of income tax return with interest and penalties, and also given all income tax return forms. You should also learn the consequence of missing the last date of income tax return filing.This year, AY 2015-16, you would have one month more to efile the income tax return. 2. The last date for filing of income tax return is usually July 31 for individuals (sometimes the same is extended). However, for the FY 2014-15 i. e. Assessment Year 2015-16, the last date has been extended upto 31st August 2015. Example : If we are filing the Income tax return for F.Y.2015-16 (on the income earned during FY 2015-16),the relevant assessment year shall be 2016-17.1. The Government has extended the last date of filing Income Tax Returns to 5th August 2016. Arjuna: Krishna, what is the due date for filing Income Tax returns for the year 2017-18?Taxpayers have last opportunity to file Income Tax returns for the year 2015-16 and 2016-17 on or before 31st March 2018. It is a very important date for all of us.As this time it is not only about the quarter end, butthis is the last date to file the Income Tax Returns for FY 2015-16 and FY 2016-17.Yes, you read it right, the last date for filing ITR of FY 2016-17 is not 31st March 2019 anymore!! The last date to file returns for the financial year 2015-2016 is July 31st 2016. Income Tax Slabs Rates for FY 2015-16 (AY 2016-17). The below table gives you clear idea about Income tax slabs / rates for all Tax payer categories. All about Income Tax Returns (ITR) updated for Financial Year 2014-15 (Assessment Year 2015-16) and Frequently Asked Questions relating to filing of Online Income Tax Return and Manual ITR. Its that time of the year when you have to file your income tax return for the previous financial year, 2015-16. The last date for doing so is 31st July.You can also file your return via a tax-filing website or a tax return preparer. Heres a step-by-step guide on filing your income tax return. Learn how to file income tax returns online( save money). Is income tax return filing necessary?Disadvantages of late filing of income tax returns. For individual last date of filing returns is 31st July. Tax Day 2018: Due Dates and Filing Deadlines for 2017 Tax Returns. Start Your Tax Return Now.Last day to efile a 2017 Federal Income Tax Return for Tax Extension filers. Prepare and efile your 2017 tax return from early January-October 15, 2018 on Income Tax Return filing documents and information required. In current economic scenario in Pakistan, return filing /declaration has got attention of all.FBR has recently extended the last date of Income Tax Return submission from 31 Aug 2016 to 30 September 2016. Income Tax Return Utility Downloads. ITR. Description.For persons other than,- (i) individual, (ii) HUF, (iii) company and (iv) person filing ITR-7.A copy of last years tax return. Bank Statement. TDS certificates. Further, the last date of filing of income tax return has also been extended by 1 month i. e. from 31st July to 31st August for the Assessment Year 2015-16. Belated Return of Income Tax can be filed by a taxpayer in case he has not filed his income tax return before the due date.The Income Tax Dept vide Circular No. 9/2015 has allowed taxpayers to file ITR to claim Income Tax Refund or file Loss Return upto 6 years.