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Country: Tuvalu Country Code: 688 Exit Code: 00 ISO Codes: TV/TUV Tuvalu Population: 10,472 Continent: Australia Pacific. Tuvalu Phone Numbers. Enter Tuvaluan country code 688 area code and local number. 00 688 City Area Code Number To call Tuvalu you have to dial 00 688 City Area Code Number you wish to call. telephone area codes for Tuvalu: which country code is 688? Area Code Location. AreaCode.org shows you the area code location covered by each area code for example, the LA area code coverage area in Los Angeles. Area Code Locator, Area Code Lookup and Listings by Number and City Find phone numbers and area code locations using our area code lookup.Area Code 850-688-XXXX Prefix Information and Location Details. area code map - ludacris hoes in different area codes map united states mappery.area code map - area codes locator area code lookup by number or city area html 2017 2018 cars reviews. 688. Unassigned.Note: Area codes in gray represents the location is outside of the 50 states of the U.S. and Canada. Are you searching for information related to a number within the 518 area code? assembled a massive database that will provide you exactly what you are searching for.Exchange 518-688. HZ > Dialing codes > Area codes > 877 country code. The 877 area code is used to dial to the following locations: India - Andhra Pradesh - Tirumala. Area code 236 was put into service as an overlay of area codes 250, 604, and 778 on 06/01/2013 and mandatory 10 digit dialing is required.Area Code Look Up - Select An Area Code To Find Its Location. 901 area code - Tennessee. 902 area code - Nova Scotia/Prince Edward Island.

419-688. Richland. Butler. Area Code 602-688-XXXX Prefix Information and Location.Recently 602-688 Area Code Prefix Numbers. Phone. Area Code Locator — Now with Time Zones!This table lists all active area codes and some upcoming new area codes in numerical order, with a brief description of the location. Home. News.

Area Code Locator. Area Code Locator. Loading Location Area As far as I know location area is GSM and UMTS concept. A " location area" is a set eNodeB that are grouped together to optimise signalling. To each location area, a unique number called a "location area code" is assigned. Although area code 855 is not assigned to a geographical area, calls to any toll free number may be restricted by the customer.Related Questions. Location of area code (855) telephone directery? The 688 area code is NOT a valid area code.The 688 area code is not assigned to a city/state location. In most cases with invalid area codes like 688, tend to be used by phone numbers from telemarketing companies. Search area code on the 256 area code map in Montgomery. Search for the name and address of any phone number area code 256.(256) 688-. Meridianville, AL. Corr Wireless Communications. Find out where the 688 area code resides. View the area codes city and state location that it belongs to.Below is a list of phone numbers and comments from other people about phone calls from the 688 Area Code. Area code prefix 912-688 is located near the city of STATESBORO, GA. Owned operated by FRONTIER COMMUNICATIONS OF GEORGIA, LLC.1 The location of the area code and prefix shown on this page is provided only as an approximation. Information for Area Code 688. The area code (688) is a special area code number, this area code not is a geographical code. The specials area code is used for sometimes for bussines and toll free numbers. A focus code location is a source code location with relationships you choose to explore. area a subject of study "it was his area of specialization" "areas of interest include" aA fact the Intel Inspector XE observes at a source code location, such as a write code location. Area Code 855 Location. Reverse Phone Lookup.Country Codes List For International Phone Calling w/ Numeric Code For Global World Dialing - Duration: 1:09. peepmysteelo 172,797 views. Exchange: 912688 Phone Company: FRONTIER Line Type: Land Line Switch: STBOGAXBRS1 Call Center City: STATESBORO (Georgia) Area: Statesboro (Micropolitan) Local Access: SAVANNAH (GA) Zip Codes: 30459 30461 30460 Primary ZipRecent Searches In 912-688 Area Code In Georgia. Area code. State. Location. Related. Time. 000. Outbound-only area code sometimes used by telemarketers and VoIP calls.685, 686, 687, and 688 are unassigned area codes. 689. Future area code for Florida. Country Code 688. Local area code. Local phone number Tuvalu. 688- xxx xx xx. Sponsored links.Iso Country. International calling codes. code location A fact the Intel Inspector XE observes at a source code location, such as a write code location. Sometimes called an observation.916 area code location. Entries RSS | Comments RSS. 236-688 does not have a location assigned. It is more than likely this area code prefix is invalid and/or not officially registered with the North American Numbering Plan. Area Code information is available in most of the countries in IP2 Location database. The availability of Area Code by IP address could be full availability, partial availability, no availability or not applicable. 650-688 is located near PALO ALTO, California1. Phone Number Lookup — Reverse Phone Lookup.317-294-5992 area code 305 location valley ent forty fort luxoptics chevy chase area code 945 lenscrafters buford ga fort irwin phone directory bedford youth performing company westbrook Recent Call Report. Phone Number by Area Code. 100 Area Code Numbers. 688Tuvalu.Locate the right phone area codes for every nation around the world with our easy to use site.Place the phone number in the search bar or on the lookup page to discover the location of all your callers even if they are calling from a cellphone or toll free number. Location Area Codes (LAC). The desire to create databases containing MCC/MNC/LAC/CellID may seem a good idea but might produce inaccurate or erroenous results depending upon the way in which the information is used. The Oceanside area code beaches are some of the most beautiful in the country. The aqua colored water and white sandy beaches make Oceanside the perfect weekend getaway for marines and residents in San Diego County.area code location. Area Code: 684. State/RegionToll Call Dialing: NA. Nxx Exchange. Location.XXXXXXXXXX, as. Multiple ocn listing. 684-688. Area code prefix 312-688 is located near the city of CHICAGO, IL. Owned operated by USA MOBILITY WIRELESS, INC1 The location of the area code and prefix shown on this page is provided only as an approximation. Area code 867, the area code for the three Territories of Canada in the Arctic far north, was created on October 21, 1997, from portions of area codes 403 and 819. It is the least populated mainland North American area code, serving only about 100,000 people, but is the geographically largest Where is area code 866 located? A: Area code 866 does not cover any particular location. Area code 866 is used for toll-free numbers, specifically those in countries covered by the North Ame Get Juneau Zip Codes, Area Codes, Latitude and Longitude and other useful information!58.403. -134.688. You are viewing location data for area code 905, prefix 688.FreeCallTrace offers a comprehensive suite of utilities to help you research phone numbers, including this number in area code 905 and prefix 688. Report 1500 x 688 Content URL. Area code 631 was brought into effect on November 1, 1999. 631 was split from the parent 516 area code. Location of Area Code 631 and surrounding states.Shirley. Suffolk. 26,688. EST. West Islip. 688 area code, 688 country code and phone code. This is your complete guide to call cities in Tuvalu. The calling code below will help you find the dialing codes you need to make phone calls to friends, family, and business partners in the Tuvalu.00 688 City Area Code Local Number. Area code prefix 618-688 is located near the city of EDGEMONT, IL. Owned operated by MCLEODUSA TELECOMMUNICATIONS SERVICES, INC.- IL.1 The location of the area code and prefix shown on this page is provided only as an approximation. Country Calling Codes. Area Codes Lookup.New Caledonia. 688. Tuvalu. 689.Mobile Applications. World Weather Chart. Location Maps. List of. Lat Long Finder. 688 area code. Did you get a call from a phone number you do not recognize? 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688 country code is Tuvalu phone code. When you are abroad, and you you want to call Tuvalu, you need to know Tuvalu telephone country code before.The dialing to call Tuvalu will be the following: 00688 area local number. Details about area code 867688, including located city, state, zipcode, carrier, latitude and longitude etc.According to North American Numbering Plan, 867688 belongs to Yellowknife, NT(city), the first 3 digits 867 locate to province Northwest Territorie, 688 locate the city Yellowknife, NT, furthermore Area code: 024. Location: Coventry.The Coventry area code changed from 0203 to 01203 during April 1995, as part of a nationwide renumbering. In 2000, phone numbers were lengthened from six to eight digits and the new 024 area code replaced the 01203 area code Area code 449 belongs to Toluca, Mexico. If calling from the U.S dial 01152 (449) XXX - XXXX. Where the Xs represent the local Toluca telephone number.Telephone country code 44 (dialed as 00 44 from many locations) is the United Kingdom .