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Open a URL in a new tab (and not a new window) using JavaScript. How to decide when to use Node.js? How do I remove a particular element from an array in JavaScript?I want to have this page opened in a new tab. This is what I have so far: if (command lightbox) location.href"https All the code can be found at angular So while window.location is an object, if/when a URL string is passed directly then the string is set to the href attribute of the location object.How to open async calls in a new tab instead of new window within an AngularJS app. Home Angular 2s equivalent to window.location.href? Return. Reply: 1. angular 2 rc3 router default routes. angular 2 location.go vs window. location.href. Angular 2 - Redirect to an external URL and open in a new tab. Loads a new document. reload(). Reloads the current document. replace() > www. window.location.hostname > window.location.port > 8000 window.location.

protocol > http window.location.pathname > page.php window.location.href myNewTabApp.controller("myNewTabController", function(scope,window).You also like AngularJs Pass Data to http.get request AND AngularJs Call Function on Page Load with example. location open in new tab, window open, angular not working, angular ui router 61. How do I handle right-click events in angular.js?JavaScript: location.href to open in new window/tab? 367. Passing data to a bootstrap modal. angular2: why window.location.href causes the page refresh on Firefox but href does.I am trying to make a bookmarklet that when clicked will check the URL of the current tab/window to see if it contains char1 and/or char2 (a given character). You are at: Home » angular input field datepicker stops working after window.location.href is changed.instead of window.location, the datepickers continue to work after the download, however for this project I must use window.location because opens a new tab. Very new to angular and ui bootstrap. I have a tab set as below