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If it seems mysterious what PHP is accepting from your POST forms then start doing this temporarily at the top of the page dealing with the insert Forms can be submitted using one of two methods: get or post. By default, a form will be submitted using the "get" method. This results in each form variable being passed via the URL.Action page (phpactionpage1.php) You cant have GET variables in both the action URL and in a form, so just move the actions get variables into the form using a hidden inputs. In this case replace second line with these two: echo "< form actionindex.

php methodget action"registrationform.php" method"POST"> specifies the destination URL and the submission type. First/Last name: are labels for the input boxes.variablename is the URL variable name. PHP GET method. All thats missing from your code is a name on the select. EmailIn PHP, the GET variable is used to collect values from HTML forms using method get. Example. Name: " method "GET">. Name: Name: nb In this tutorial youll learn how to collect user inputs submitted through a form using the PHP superglobal variables GET, POST and REQUEST.Explanation of code. Notice that there are two attributes within the opening < form> tag: The action attribute references a PHP file Name: . Example. Name: years old. Your favorite color is and your favorite food is . < Previous: PHP Form. Next: PHP POST variables.form action"welcome.php" method"get"> : "Welcome.php" file can now collect GET variable to the form data (Note that the name of the form fields will automatically be the keys in the GET array) Home. Computers Internet php variables in html form action.How do I change it to get the variables passed to print.php?