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Hi, selling faulty iPod touch 3 generation 32GB , iPhone 3 gs 8 GB and screen replacement for iPod touch 3 generation for parts.Apple iPod touch 16GB 6th Generation BONUS Sennheiser OMX 680 Sports In-Ear. Trade in your iPod iPod Touch 4th Gen today. Sell and recycle thousands of different electronics. Free shipping and quick cash.4th Gen. Choose your product. Sell your iPod Touch 5th Generation to Gadget Mill. You can get quick cash for your iPod Touch in 24 hours. We offer payment via Bank Transfer, PayPal as well as Cheque. Simply choose the condition of your iPod, you can refer to our condition grade list. Broken Buttons/Speaker/Camera Etc.Want an easy way to sell an Apple iPod Touch 4th Generation 8GB for cash? Your Sell Cart: 0 items 0.00 | View Cart.iPod Touch 5th Generation.

The latest model iPod can be identified by its coloured back. Sell your iPod Touch 4th Gen for cash. Easy listing, fast payment, and zero-hassle shipping. Make up to 40.Selling your iPod Touch 4th Gen on Glyde is super easy. Tell us a little about your model and then set its price. I see the iPod Touch 4th is selling for 200When I had a broken iPod Touch 2nd Gen (it had a fried internal memory), the guy offered to trade my broken iPod for the iPod Touch 4th Gen for 100 more.Similar Threads. 5th Generation iPod Touch. RadiationS1knes, Oct 25, 2011. Replies Hi, My estimate is that you can sell your broke iPod touch 4th generation for about 120. By the way if you are interested in a free iPhone 5 or an iPad 4 just go to this website httpsHow much should I sell my used 32gb Ipod Touch 4th generation for? My-broken-ipod-touch-4th-generation.

After all, a current 32GB iPod Touch sells new for 299 and refurbished one for 249.Although only the Touchs glass was broken, the 4th-gen model is designed in such a way that(As I understand it, and as detailed in Donald Bells story on fixing a cracked iPod Touch screen, earlier-generation iPod touch 4th generation White (8GB) with cracked screen sold as is for parts or repair unknown any other issues no returns or refund SOLD AS IS.Youre buying an As Is (Broken Screen) - Apple iPod Touch 4th Generation White (8 GB). We compare all the leading buyers so you get the guaranteed most cash for your iPod Touch 4th Gen 8GB!WORKING. BROKEN.FREE RETURN?? Apple iPod Touch 4th Gen 8GB Trade In Prices. Broken iPod Touch 4th Gen. Discussion in Everything Else started by kevmanw4301, Mar 7, 2012.7) Sold a few items here, kthreew4ak8 on eBay. 8) Ive had it for about a year and a half, and it was working until about a month ago Find Ipod Touch 5th Generation in Buy Sell | Buy and sell items locally in Ontario. Find art, books, cameras, suits, fashion, prom dresses, a PC or TVAPPLE IPOD TOUCH BROKEN / CRACKED GLASS SCREEN REPAIRS We repair: Apple iPod Touch 2nd generation Apple iPod Touch 3rd Pages with script errors, Pages with broken file links, IPod ModelsThe 5th generation iPod touch also featured the iPod touch loop, its to prevent users from dropping their iPod touch. The iPod touch 5th Gen has the similar specifications of the iPhone 4S such as 512MB of RAM and A5 Q: Broken iPod touch 4th generation. I found my iPod 4 in storage last week, and notice the charge port is broken - I was wondering if there was a way to access the photos on it? I dont remember the Apple ID or the Email I used for it though. Where can you sell a broken ipod touch?there isnt a 5th generation iPod touch. if I just broke my iPod touch 4th gen. after getting it last November, will my Walmart insurance give me a iPod pod touch 5th generation?DB:3.96:Selling My Ipod 1j. Can i sell my Ipod to apple? I want to upgrade to a Touch 4th gen and ive got a Touch 2nd gen. iPod Touch 5th Gen 32GB.MAKING IT EASIER. We want to make it as simple as possible to be able to sell your iPod once youre done with it. Your old iPod may be worth more than you think! 29.87 Apple iPod touch 5th Generation Blue connect to iTunes Sold for Part Please READ.11.99 (1 bid) Apple iPod touch 5th Generation Space Gray (16 GB) Broken Screen. Also, thank you for selling the 4TH GENERATION iPod touch.I think if you get an ipod touch its a lot easier,instead of having to bring your laptop everywhere!But, I heard that the screen breaks easily(which stinks)! Sell my device. My selling list.iPod Touch 4th Generation Repair Services. View. Showing 1 - 7 of 7 items.Symptoms: Cracked glass and digitizer Digitizer unresponsive to touch Dead digitizer and broken glass Black digitizer and crackedIf your 4th Gen iPod Touch battery isnt lasting as long as it used to, this service is for you. Apples 4th generation iPod Touch was released in 2010, available in both black and white, there have been 4 different capacities 8GBThe iPod Touch 4 was discontinued in 2013, but sold alongside its successor for several months as a lower price alternative. If you have a broken 4th gen, we stock an So you have jailbroken your iPod Touch 4th Generation, but you dont like it. You go to restore it and iTunes starts complaining.Espaol: restaurar tu ipod touch de 4ta generacin con jailbreak, Русский: восстановить ваш iPod Touch 4 го поколения с джейлбрейком, Portugus: Restaurar iPod Touch 4th Generation 16GB Unboxing.Broken iPod Touch: Repair or replace? resulting in a fourth-gen iPod Touch that, a current 32GB iPod Touch sells new for 299 and refurbished one for 249. I got a 4th gen iPod touch 32gb brand new free from Shell. How much is it worth if I sell it?Hi all i have this ipod touch 4th genbut the touchscreen is not registering touches near the edgesdoes it mean the digitizer is broken? how much dors it cost to replace it and where? worth it?thanksshould i GENERATION 4th Generation. PRODUCT LINE iPod Touch.Free postage. 485 sold. 1 new refurbished from AU 799.43. Apple iPod touch 4th Generation Black (8 GB) Brand New.Still works however,both the top button and the home button are broken. The screen does not have any cracks Product - iPod Touch 4th Generation Case, by Insten Hard Snap On Back Rubber Protective Case Cover For Apple iPod Touch 4th Gen. iPod Touch 4th Generation Teardown. Popular Parts Tools. 9.99.Restoring iPod that is disabled and also has a broken power button! iPod Touch 4th Generation. Sell Your 4th Generation iPod Touch! Get cash when you decide to trade in recycle 4th Generation iPod Touchs. Compare offers and get cash for your 4th Generation iPod Touch. Review iPod Touch 4G (4th Generation). Stunning Retina Screen, Large Capacity, Endless Apps, Camera, Facetime Review iPod Touch 4G Hands on Review of the Latest Incarnation of the Best Selling iPod from Apple. Select your Touch / 4th Gen to sell. iPod Touch 4th Generation 8GB.Sell your broken iPhone. Upgrading to a new MacBook? Well buy your current MacBook and even take care of packing and shipping. I have an iPod touch 4th Generation in pretty good condition. But I want the white one, and my iPod is getting old.

Ive had it for close to 2 years now, and I want to know where I can get a really good deal on it.Where can I sell my broken iPod Touch 4g 8Gb? Sell My iPod Trade in iPods For Cash GadgetValuer. How to sell your broken iPod The holiday season always makes me want to clean out my closets.When your iPod Touch 4th Gen sells, well email you and send you a Glyde shipping kit, complete with a pre-paid label. Apple iPod Touch 4th Generation 32GB with Bonus Accessory Kit.Sold out. Shop similar items below. Apple iPod touch 8GB, 5th Generation - I have an old 4th generation iPod Touch that I dont use. It is damaged.In your case, you might want to include the keywords parts or repair as that will show you what broken devices sold for. Though I havent messed with the iPod Touch 4th generation specifically, I had an iPhoneFor one, if you accidentally break the touch screen while removing it, youll have the replacement right there.How much should I sell my iPod 4G 32gb for? How can I find a lost iPod Touch without an app on it? In this post I show how I replaced broken screen on my sons iPod Touch 4 th generation (with camera). It was cracked very badly in many different places making it hard to use. I have never fixed any iPod before. This was my first iPod related repair. Tutorial: iPod Touch 4th Generation Screen Replacement Repair Glass | - Продолжительность: 19:34 GadgetMenders 754 672ipod touch 4th lcd broken connector repair soldering replacement using CyberDoc QuickAlloy - Продолжительность: 24:21 CyberDoc LLC 16 Hardware differences between the two are almost nonexistent (i.e. theyre almost identical). The name used in firmware is iPod5,1. On 26th June 2014, Apple refreshed model the iPod touch (5th generation) (A1421) to add a 16 GB model with the iSight camera included Sell your iPod touch for money using our iPod touch trade-in program. Earn cash for recycling your new, used or broken iPod.The latest 5th and 6th Generation iTouch devices will have the highest values. Jun 22, 2012 In this post I show how I replaced broken screen on my sons iPod Touch 4th generation (with camera).IPod Touch Repair Service for iPod Touch Gen 4 - iResQ. iPod 4 4th Generation Touch Screen Digitizer LCD Complete Assembly - iTouch Black New.Bought this to fix a broken iPod Touch that was given to my daughter. It didnt work at all - I believe it was manufactured incorrectly as it wouldnt depress. ipod touch 4th gen doesnt turn on. 0. Restore iPod Touch without passcode or power button. 1.Error 3194 while restoring jailbroken iPod touch 4g. 0. iPod touch 4th gen dead. 1. Selling your iPod is easy and fast with OnRecycle. Get the best deal to recycle your iPod now!You can then enter the condition of your iPod (even broken ones receive cash), and the size of theiPod Touch - 4th Generation. Apple chose to launch this version with 8, 16, 32 and 64GB models. The iPod touch 4th generation was the thinnest iPod ever and the chromium finished back gave that rich and quality look to the device even though it was extremely vulnerable to scratching. Hi selling faulty ipod touch 4 generation 64 gb . The ipod as a broken screen and broken power flex cable apart this the ipod power on by press theApple ipod touch 4th Faulty item. The ipod is deemed beyond economical repair so will be good for parts. The majority of these are intact although Calgary Buy and sell iPods, mp3, headphones IPod, mp3 accessories. Wanted: Broken ipod touch 4th gen.Description: Hi if anyone had a broken ipod touch 4 gen preferably 16g and up that your not using i would like to buy it. Sell or trade in your iPod Touch online to iGotOffer. Get free quote and have fast payment.Model: iPod touch. 2Generation. Original 2nd Gen 3rd Gen 4th Gen 5th Gen 6 th Gen.The device has functional defects (i.e, can not make calls, dead battery broken screen and so on). Shop compare and save, broken ipod touch 4th gen. Best price online.Results will be sorted by lowest price and we will look for any news about that product. Also get the latest review and see what it sold for online.