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JavaScript Tutorial / JS Form Scripting.formName.action URL where: URL specifies the destination to send form data. It can be relative URL like a file in the web page folder or an absolute URL. JavaScript submit method. We can submit forms in following two ways in an HTML pageWhen we click on the link in this form, it calls the function submitForm() defined in the < script> tags. I want to create form which can submit data automatically, without using submit button. I need something like this httpSCRIPT LANGUAGE"JavaScript">document.forms[0].submit(). Separated JavaScript function. Inline JavaScript on the form element.But this form will not yield search result, were just gonna see the form data output on the action URL. Its not working because: You are redirecting home. You dont listen for the GET variable so the archive link is just appended to your home url. You need to add a function that listens for that GET variable. Just add this to your functions.php file. Add action( templateredirect Using javascript to Submit Form Examples, JS Validation While Submit Form .HTML page usually uses a submit button to submit a form to a handling file such as a php script. All input values of the form will be transferred to the handling file by "post" method. Checkbox Submission