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First of all you need to add Youtube to your Google doesnt work on a lg e400 mobile after doing these steps it says exactly the same cannot connect to the server but i am able to sign into google and have access to google on my PC. I tried going on youtube today but found that I couldnt sign in because I didnt have a Google account.Although i do have a gmail account and every time i login to youtube a announcement will show telling me to link my gmail account to my youtube each YouTube and Google account and then attempt to merge them into one?If you want to keep both YouTube channels, you will need to have two different Google identitiesseveral different Youtube channels as well - all under the one single Google/Gmail sign in: . Use your Google Account for YouTube YouTube Help. You need a Google Account to sign into YouTube. A Google Account works across all Google products (e.g. Gmail, Blogger, Maps, YouTube, and more). According to this error, you need to sign into your Google account while you are already signed into your phone with a proper Google account.[Solved] "Unfortunately YouTube has stopped" Error Fix on Android 2017. Bloons Tower Defense 5 APK Download - BTD5 Game for Android. You need a Google account because YouTube IS Google.I also admit that its not apparent at first glance however if you do use another google feature which has youtube embeded into it and asks you to sign in, youll realise why Google and Youtube asked you for an account. Email Sign Up or sign in with.

Google.I think the reason behind this problem is The google account that I was using for testing may be it was not the main account.Why dont US presidential candidates get thrown into jail by their opponent during election? We wont be going into details as to why this is happening even when you have signed into your Google Account, or created a new one from scratch when logging into the phone, but will just tell you how this annoyance might be fixed quickly If you have ever used any of Google Products like Gmail, Maps, Blogger or any other, then you already have a Google Account and thankfully, a Google account is all you need to access all Google products. Follow these simple steps to Sign into YouTube using your Google Account. Sign in with your Google Account Create an account Email Password Sign out and sign in as a different user Need help?from YouTube. Upon my attempt to sign into my Google account to re-setup my Google Play Store I realized they they kept telling me that IFix Authentication is required.You need to sign in to your Google Account in Google play store. автор Teconz дата 17.07.2016. 6:02How To: Start a YouTube Account Without Using Google Plus Or GMAIL 2:05Cant sign into Youtube/Google accounts these days?? Maybe this can help. Apple MAC. 4:15How To Unlock Any iPhone Without The Passcode? Test! Google tip: Heres a super-easy way to sign into your Google account.

Luckily, theres a much easier way to sign in to your Google account than plugging in your password each time, and all youll need is your phone. How to sign into your YouTube AccountClueless Tech Finds.Learn How to set up Google AdSense Account For USclip tutorial. USclip has made a few changes since 2017 April. You need to have 10.000 views on your channel overall to monetize your videos. That time Youtube login page had a small login option for Sign in with your Gmail account . here is the screenshot of previous login page.Also once you have linked your Gmail account with Youtube account, you do not need to login to your Youtube account if you are logged into your Google However, although signing into YouTube requires a Google Account, you can create multiple different Google AccountsI recommend you can have a try with Whitehatbox PVA account creator if you need mass Youtube accounts without gmails. It can create any social media accounts directly. This help tutorial shows you how to do a youtube login or youtube sign in. The youtube sign in page is easy to understand by using a Google accountFix Authentication is required You need to sign in to your Google Account in Play store-authentication is required. you need to sign into your google Youre viewing YouTube in Russian. You can change this preference below.You need to sign into your Google Account. You need a Google Account to sign into YouTube. A Google Account works across all Google products (e.g. Gmail, Blogger, Maps, YouTube, and more).How can you sign into YouTube without a Google although signing into YouTube requires a Google On the page of choosing Google accounts, you need to click on the button for creating a new Google account. At the top of Googles main webpage, there is a blue Sign in button. Spot the button and give it a click. How to Make a YouTube Account. If you already have a Google ID through, say, Gmail or Google, then you can simply sign into with that username and password.No need to create a new YouTube account if you dont mind linking your existing Google username. Dont have an account? Sign up.this is a formal pettition to Google to seperate Google from Youtube and give us the choice if we want Google or not.Sign this petition. Today: Aaron is counting on you. Aaron DeVries needs your help with Google: To separate Google from Youtube Ive spent a lot of time trying to find out why Im getting error "Error Authentication is required.You need to sign into your google account". And after a lot of hours I found out - I was trying to access wrong item id from the console. Instead, you need to sign into YouTube with your Google Account email address (this is often Gmail, How to log into a YouTube channel I created years ago YouTube without involving a Google Account for youtube and sign in to your google account. To sign up for YouTube you need to have a Google account.Just visit and click sign up in the top right corner. You will actually create a Google account which is required to sign into Youtube. The things i did from my side1) deleted data and cache2)removed google acc and added again3)Xiaomi MIUI Official Forum General Bugs AUTHENTICATION IS REQUIRED.YOU NEED TO SIGN INTO| Tonisage replied at 2016-6-18 20:26 clear data all Gapps , Remove your account, reboot Because Google bought YouTube a while ago, and have been consolidating the user database of both. Until this week, its been optional to link a youtube and google account, but now its a must. Obnoxious, but whatever. You need a Google Account to sign into YouTube. A Google Account works across all Google products (e.g. Gmail, Blogger, Maps, YouTube, and more). If youve signed into any of these products before, you already have a Google Account. "Your Google Account is more than just Search," the new form sign-up page says, but if you dont want to be shoved into having a Google account, prefer to keep your personalBesides password and location, you only need to enter a birthday and accept the terms of service to create your account. 1. Just remove your Google account. This error might be a usual testing which is initiated after updating Google Play. The first method is to go into your phones main "Settings menu", then " Accounts". You need a Google Account to sign into YouTube. A Google Account works across all Google products (e.g. Gmail, Blogger, Maps, YouTube, and more). If youve signed into any of these products before, you already have a Google Account. How can I change the account used for signing in to BlueStacks? Information Security Requests.2) After clicking report problem select "issues with google play in categories". Troubleshooting would automatically fix the problem. This means that you will not need a Google account in order to comment on YouTube.1. Sign into your YouTube account and click on the arrow next to your picture at the top rightcan go back to using your Google name in the future, but seeing as Google really wants the two to work together, I First you have to know that you will need a Google account for Google to identify and recognize you as you log into YouTube or any other Google products across Google including Google Plus, hangouts and drive. It is not possible to sign in with an external account or a standalone YouTube 1. Sign in to your Google Account, then go to Accounts setting.5. You should be able to log into Youtube on your iPhone. In case you need to generate any new App-specific password again, you can do it on your computer by clicking Settings on 2-step verification. You Need To Sign Into Your Google Account" , I will show , How to fix this bluestacks error. Feel free to Subscribe, to get more future updates, if you have anyHowever, effective April 2011 YouTube users are required to link to a separate Google Account if they wish to continue to log into that service. However, I am already signed into my google account.Dev Center. Log in or Sign up. Google.

Twitter. Facebook. YouTube. Instagram. A Google account is required in order sign into YouTube. However, for those who already have an email account (or just dont want a Gmail account), Google accounts can be made using any valid non-Gmail address. You will need to navigate to Googles Sign Up Without Gmail page in your web YoutubeAuthentication is required. you need to sign into your google account 3:15.Fix android error, Authentication is required. You need to sign in to your Google Account. 2:59. Cant sign into apps with google play or google :( Verify Your Google Account, Google Toll Free Helpline Number For Instant Solution.PLZ I need a solution. This guide takes you through the steps that you need to follow to create a new Google account for using Google Docs, Google Drive, Gmail and Youtube.Step 1: Open your web browser and open the link here. Step 2: You will now see the Google Sign Up form before you. In order for a YouTube Sign in, you need to have a Google account.How to Login to YouTube. Log into your YouTube account, from the YouTube Login Page www., simply by putting in your username and password. Update: As mentioned earlier about YouTube login without Google account above, ever since One account all of Google login method introduced by Google, you will need to login into your Google account first in order to be signed into YouTube. To sign into your YouTube account, go to Google doesnt give a set time for how long you have before your YouTube account is irretrievable, so it is likely there isnt one timeframe for all accounts. You need to head over to this support page and fill in the form, it is a quick one, you just need the email address you use to sign into YouTube How can I resume cancelled app dowloads after attaching a Google account? 2. N4 lost data connection after Lollipop update - sign into network HOME. 0. Why Does ART Compile Apps After Upgrade? Google owns YouTube now - create a Google account and you should have no trouble.I cant log in to my Youtube account! How can I satisfy signing up with Google? what do you wanna see on youtube ? Logging into Youtube. A Google account gives you access to YouTube, Google Analytics, and Gmail. Use your Google account credentials (username and password) to sign into all of these services. whenever I try to sign into my Google account it tells me that my device is not provisioned and will not let me sign in. Therefore I am under great stress and need assistance.Last videos: YouTube picture in picture mode for any phone! After unlockin network iphone 7 just blinked. Any further suggestions? UPDATE. Ive since blasted away all Google Accounts on my phone and now have just 1 account - i.e. the Testing account.Sign up with GitHub. Email Why can I not sign into YouTube on Freemake video downloader if I have a Google account and I also have a password and a YouTube username but it doesnt accept any of them?