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The HTTP method defaults to GET, so if you wish, the following is validA typical JSON POST request might look a little like the following, where we set the Content-Type header fieldFor example the Content-Type of "text/html charsetutf8" will provide " text/html" as res.type, and the res.charset HTTP Content-Type Header and JSON. and sending XML and JSON with a content-type of text/html can often create subtle bugs in the underlying XHR requests HTTP/1.1 201 Created Content-Type: application/json Content-Length: 65 Connection: close ".The request body should only be parsed as JSON if the Content-Type header begins with application/ json. Content-Type of Response headers:"Content-Type:text/htmlch.Set the HTTP content type response to application/json in php. php - Very long json response stops and sends HTTP headers as text then continues. The JSON encoding also supports file uploads. The values of files are themselves structured as objects and contain a type field indicating the MIME type, a name field containing the file name, and a body field with the files content as base64.assuming the user has selected two text files, produces Application/json: Official MIME type for json. Text/x-json: Experimental(unofficial) MIME type for json before application/json got officially registered. We need to set content type using http headers before printing the JSON string.Umm, the content type should really be: application/json not text/javascript.

There is a also a nice little plugin for firefox ( JSON View) which will pretty print the JSON. The right HTTP Content-Type would be application/json, as others already highlighted too, but some clients do not handle it very well, thats why jQuery recommends the default text/html. When using the JSON format to communicate with the server we must set one fof the following as the http content-type headerPlain text. No HTML tags allowed. Lines and paragraphs break automatically.