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You can use Cydia Impactor if you need to un-jailbreak an 8.1-8.4 device without can use a multisim card with original sim, copied on it. but it only activates the iPhone. unlock is possible by using Gevey-SIM or others. In addition, activate the iPhone 4S without a SIM card has not jailbreak or unlock your iPhone. Activating iPhone 4S without SIM Benefits. iPhone activation is usually only possible with the original SIM card. After buying a non-activated iPhone you will see iPhone activation screen. This is a main negative aspect that iPhone doesnt activate without a SIM while other Smartphone does. But the question is can we ON an iPhone without SIM card? This is a big question for people who bought their iPhone 4 from US Apple Store without having ATT Micro SIM Card to activate iPhone 4, just like me.Its fit on iPhone 4 micro sim tray. I got my DITS sim card from local re-seller. You may get similar phonebook card like Rebel SIMcard, OneSimCard Now, you are left with no choice but to figure out how to activate iPhone without SIM card.

And here we are again, ready with another post to deliver 5 different solutions mentioned below that can certainly help you to get your device activated. Activate iphone 4S without simcard.- In this video, I will teach you how to "hacktivate" aka activate the iPhone 2g/3g/3gs/4g without the original sim card or if your sim card reader is broken. Heres how to set up and activate an iPhone so that it can be used without a SIM, by a child or someone who doesnt have a mobile contract.Youll be glad to know there is a way to activate the iPhone without it needing a SIM card. ACTIVATE IPHONE 4S WITHOUT SIMCARD - Watch new movie trailers, high-quality HD trailers.iPhone No Sim Card Installed iPhone 4 iPhone 4S Problem Alternative Fix. Activate iphone 4S without simcard. People Who Liked This Video Also Liked.Activate iphone 4S without sim card. How To ByPass Without Activation iPhone 4s. Activate iphone 4 without carrier sim factory unlocked video 3 how to byp ios 6 activation screen without sim card iphone 5 4s 4 3gs 6 0 trick also read how.

ACTIVATE IPHONE 4S WITHOUT SIMCARD Хорошее видео на разнообразные темы, вы найдете на нашем сайте.My Other iPhone4 iPhone4S Fix video watch?vDeip-ZWHwY. My iPhone 3G and 3Gs No Sim Card Installed fix: - watch?vtdE6zGTsFTI. How to use iPhone 4S without SIM card | Official Apple SupportI just bought an I phone 4s from a friend and it dont have a SIM card with it I want to use it for my music until I have it activated . You can also activate your iPhone without any sim card using pc. Your device will work as a simple iPod by connecting with a wireless network. If still the activation is failed, use the fixes shared above or contact phone center immediately. Other Apple Phones. iPhone 4S.I got this phone and Im not sure what the carrier isI have ATT SIM card but get this message saying it that my server is temporally unavailable iPhone No Sim Card Installed iPhone 4 iPhone 4S Problem Alternative Fix - Duration: 5:00.ACTIVATE IPHONE 4S WITHOUT SIMCARD - Duration: 1:04. shiva adk 1,071,785 views. Activate iphone 4S without simcard. Jack oliver. 1,645 view. Below are two easy methods to activate iPhone without SIM Card.Below are the steps on how to activate iPhone without SIM Card using Emergency call feature. Note: Follow this method at your own risk, as some people ended up calling cops. [Download] Activate Iphone 5S After Update To IOS 11 Without Sim Card.Full Download How To Bypass IOS 6 Activation Screen Without Sim Card IPhone 5 4S 4 3Gs 6 0 Trick VIDEO and Games With Gameplay Walkthrough And Tutorial Video HD. You can activate iPhone with active SIM card, or without SIM card by connecting it with iTunes. Well go through each method in the article for you to choose. Most of the time, the activation process works smoothly, but in case you come across some error while activation Without iPhone activation, users are not allowed to do anything except for dialing the emergency call. In some cases, people might be wondering if they can activate a new iPhone even without a SIM card. Before activation, you should always make sure that your device is on the latest version of iOS and has a SIM card installed in it.The easiest way to activate without Simcard is to factory unlock your iPhone. I keep getting the SIM Card not supported please insert the SIM card that show more I have an iphone 4s ios 6. I unlocked it with Gevey Ultra S but now I need to activate it.How can I bypass the activation or activate without a SIM card? However, activation of an iPhone requires a valid SIM card and you cant activate iPhone without sim card inside the phone, like it could be done in iPads and iPod Touches. How To Bypass ICloud/Sim Card Activation IOS 9/10/iOS11 IPhone 6s, 6s 6 Plus, 5s, 5c, 5, 4s.The Awesome and also Interesting activate iphone without sim regarding Invigorate Your home Found Residence Comfy AspirationHome]. Follow step by step procedure activate iphone 4s without simcard []How To Activate Iphone Without Sim Card Hacktivate Step By Step Any Version Hd. No, this is not true and you can set up your iPhone without any SIM inserted in it. Given below are solutions for how to activate iPhone without SIM Card to help you in all such situations. Does anyone know of a way to activate an iphone without a sim card? I was able to restore it but I dont have a SIM card or access to SIM card carriers either.Currently stuck at initial iPhone setup (there is no icloud lock but I just cant activate without SIM). Activate iphone 4S without simcard. 720P HD. shiva adk 29 videos.follow step by step procedure:- iphone-4s-without-sim-card.html. How to Activate an iPhone SIM Card | eHow iPhone 4S Activation without Sim Sim Only Vergelijken? Alle providers en winkels. Activate iphone 4 no How to Unlock Iphone without Sim Card. 2012-08-20. Phonebook SIM Card Trick to Activate iPhone Blocked by Apple. How to Convert and Insert Micro SIM in iPhone 4. iOS 8 Beta 2 Download Now Available for iPhone and iPad.

Home » Apple » iPhone 4 Activation without Original SIM Card [video]. Miaizzy4ever wrote: How do I activate iphone 4s without sim card and itunes?jackmarcus435 Mar 15, 2015 8:22 AM in response to Miaizzy4ever. Level 1 (13 points). iPhone. Download And Listen Top activate iphone 5 without sim card Songs, New MP3 Activation IOS 8 Without Sim Card/icloud For Iphone 6plus/6/5s/5c/5/4s/4.I dont really need a SIM card, as I just need the phone to take pictures and hear some how to activate iphone 4s without sim card. Войти с Facebook. Activate iphone 4S without simcard. 0. Tweet.Switch on the mobile slide to set up select your language and country simply iPhone No Sim Card Installed iPhone 4 iPhone 4S Problem Alternative Fix. iPhone No Sim Card Installed iPhone 4 iPhone 4S Problem Alternative Fix.Activate iphone 4S without simcard. Просмотров: 853467. 2:18. Weve got some great news for all iPhone 4 users who have been looking to activate their phones without a legit SIM card. An iPhone 4 user, Sherif Morano has discovered a pretty amazing yet unconventional way of activating your iPhone 4 to sync with iTunes. We can easily unlock iPhone without sim card with this emergency call feature.Now you have successfully learned how to activate iphone without sim card activation step by step any version. activate your iphone 4 or 4s without having sim card, no wifi, no itunes. i discovered this trick when a friends 4sThe ultimate guide to activating any iphone without sim, The only step-by-step guide on the web to activating iphone without simcard. follow the tutorial to bypass the activation screen Follow step by step procedure activate iphone 4s without simcard [] How To Activate An Iphone Without Sim Method.Iphone No Sim Card Installed Iphone Iphone 4s Problem Alternative Fix. How can an iPhone 4s ios6 be activated without sim card.My current location is here in Phil. and my father brought my iPhone 4 in Canada when Im Trying to Activate my iPhone it says Invalid Sim Card, and until know I Cant use my iPhone Please help. DaBeast - Activate iphone 4 no sim. Ahmed Ali - How To ByPass Without Activation iPhone 4s.Dan C - iPhone No Sim Card Installed iPhone 4 iPhone 4S Problem Alternative Fix. When you first start up your non-activated iPhone, you are presented with the iPhone activation screen. From this screen, you can only place emergency callsOn CDMA models, however, you can bypass this activation screen without a SIM card, allowing you to unlock all of the devices features. In this article, we are taking a look at how to setup and activate an iPhone without intending to use a SIM Card.After the setup process, you can remove the SIM Card from your device and start using your iPhone as a WiFi Only device. This tutorial explains how to bypass iPhone Activate and Activate iPhone without SIM Card.However the activation process can be bypassed and we can activate iPhone without SIM card. Activate Iphone 4s Without Simcard You. Can T Activiate My New Iphone 5s Sim Is Not Vaild Ipad. How To Byp An Iphone Activation Without A Sim Card On Windows. come posso attivare un iphone 4s senza sim card (perch straniera) ???? Share this post. Link to can i activate an iphone 4s without sim card (because foreign) ???? Your iPhone can be unlocked without a SIM card since the unlocking is done via a database. But in order to verify that your iPhone is unlocked, insert a SIM card from another carrier to activate it. iPhone 4S and iPhone 4 Wallpapers. iPad Mini Wallpapers.He has posted a video on how to activate iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4 and iPhone 3G without official carriers SIM Card. Follow the simply sets to activate iPhone without a SIM card in iOS 6.Now you will be experiencing no more activation screen, as you are done successfully with this process of initiating your iPhone without SIM cards in iOS 6. Its hard to say without knowing what firmware your iphone is running, or whether its locked to ATT (probably). But the dumbest, probably easiest way is just try to borrow a ATT SIM card and use it to activate (you dont really need to even activate the SIM.