what is better core 2 duo or pentium dual core





Core 2 Duo have two Cores. Pentium Dual-Core are low end Core 2 Duo rebranded.xeon is for server based so i also dont need that. i think CORE 2DUO is best still confusion in pentium D. dual core waste in front of core 2. Some articles on core, pentium dual core, cores, pentium, pentium dual: Intel Core (microarchitecture) - Processor Cores - Conroe/Merom (65 Nm)Below the 2 or 4 MiB of shared-L2-cache-enabled Core 2 Duo, the desktop Pentium Dual-Core has 1 or 2 MiB of shared L2 Cache Core 2 Duo processor has 2, 3, 4 or even 6 MB Cache, depend on the product code. The cheapest C2D has 2 MB cache, which around RM 400 right now. Compare to Pentium Dual Core, which has 1 MB cache, you might think, C2D is a better choice. First of all Dual core wont read 4Gb ram, neither core 2duo, unless you have Vista, or XP 64bit. The dual core cant run 64bit OS the core 2duo it is design to run both 64, 32bit. If you buy a dual core I suggest you to have only 3GB ram Intel Pentium Dual-Cores are identical in architecture to Intel Core 2 Duos. The differences are: Intel Core 2 Duos have a larger amount of L2 cache.Which is the better technology between the Intel Core 2 Duo and the Intel Pentium Dual-Core? Intel Pentium dual core and core 2 duo are two of the most common processors in the market at present. But which is the better one for you? Read this Buzzle article to find I want to know which is better from these above models and what is difference between these two processors.Pros of Intel Pentium dual core: It is based on based on the 65nm Allendale core used in low-end Core 2 Duo processors, with the same thermal design power of 65W. The pentium dual-core processor is a one of Intels value or basic processors available.This answer would indicate that its just about naming, but other answers indicate that there are performance differences as well, with Core 2 Duo being the faster/better/more expensive one. Core 2 Duo has better performance than dual-core processors in almost all the benchmark tests. Dual Core: The best performer of all Pentium processors of the previous series, but not better than Core 2 Duo. Core 2 Duo is a clear winner.

The Conroe-based CPUs are extremely difficult to find (with the exception of the Q6600), which leaves you with the E2xxx Allendale-based Pentium Dual-Core series, which are better than P4s but significantly slower than similar Pentium Dual-Core (not Pentium D) and Core 2 Duo models. Based on 23,338 user benchmarks for the Intel Core2 Duo E8400 and the Pentium Dual E2160, we rank them both on effective speed and value for money against the best 985 CPUs. In short, the Intel Core 2 Duo is based on a new processor architecture that is designated to replace the entire Pentium line, including the Pentium 4 and dual-core Pentium D. When they debuted, even the low-end Core 2 Duo E6400 bested AMDs creme-of-the-crop, and continues to be one of the best the core 2 duo is best the dual core is better pentium D is slow, hot and power hungry. in other word, the worst. although they use the same socket (lga775) not every motherboard support all of them, u better refer to the mobos website for whats supported and whats not. Which one should I buy Core2 duo or Intel dual core? Which is better?Thus, both of them have 2 CPU but they are just integrated. The difference is that dual core is generic while Intel core 2 duo is a brand name from Intel of their products which has dual core.

The Intel Core2 Duo processor, Intel Pentium Dual Core processor and Intel Pentium 4 processor may contain design defects or errors known asTIMs based on phase change materials are very sensitive to applied pressure: the higher the pressure, the better the initial performance. Which processor will be better celeron dual core or pentium dual core? Ram available: 2 Gb ddr3.Hard disk: 500 Gb. I also want to know if i3 processor will make a large difference rather than dual core. Pentium D Dual Core vs Intel Core Duo.looking for dual core proceesor. i want a simple answer to my question. which is better Pentium Dual core or Celeron Dual core? Core2Duo vs Pentium Dual-Core ???Hey everyone,whats really the difference between the core2duo and a pentium dual core processor?also which would be better for gaming and overclocking? Pentium Dual Core and Core 2 Duo are two types of Dual Core CPU.Why lower frequency Core 2 Duo 1.8Ghz is better than Pentium Dual Core 3.4Ghz ? because the former is faster. 2. Intel Core Duo - The Core brand refers to Intels 32-bit mobile dual- core x86 CPUs that derived from the Pentium M branded processors.Core 2 Duo processors are much popular these days, It has more powerful Dual Core chip, The best performer, It consumes less power in comparison to any of Ok. What about Core Duo vs. pentium dual core?well the core duo is newer, so I believe it would be better. What are the mhz that each processor is that you are looking at? However, my laptop has a Core 2 Duo T5200 1.6ghz. Would this be equivilant to a pentium 4?Slightly more expensive and slightly better performing than the Celeron Dual Core. The Pentium Dual Core models are: E2200, E21xx, T23xx, and T20xx. Pentium vs Core 2 Duo. Intel has gone through more than a few lines of microprocessors, probably the biggest of which is theOne the other hand, Pentiums were mostly single core microprocessors with only the latest versions being dual cores no quad core Pentium was ever released. I guess you meant "Pentium Dual Core" vs the Core 2 Duo.Which is better: 1.8 GHz Core 2 Duo or 2.4 GHz Dual Core? What is a single core processor? Confused about the difference between Pentium D vs Dual Core vs Core Duo vs Core 2 Duo ? Well here is the explanation. First of all let me tell you that Dual Core is a name of class or architecture of processors which refers to any processor (weather its Intel or AMD) with two cores on the same chip. The Core brand comprised two branches: the Duo (dual-core) and Solo (Duo with one disabled core, which replaced the Pentium M brand of single-core mobile processor).The new architecture of Intel core2 duo makes it a lot better processor that runs cool. Dual core has become synonymous with Intel Pentium Dual Core. Core 2 Duo are a series of dual-core processors that are invented by Intel.This makes the dual-core processors well-suited for multitasking. Pentium D, Dual Core and Core 2 Duo are some of the processors offered by silicon giant INTEL (although Pentium D is pretty much history).The new architecture of Intel core2 duo makes it a lot better processor that runs cool. What was the difference between Intels Core 2 Duo and their Pentium Dual core?These are generally around 2.0 GHz Celerons or Pentium 4s with 1 GB of RAM and 40 GB HDDs a few are better than these specs (Pentium Duals or Core Duos). core2duo processor slideshare. These processors had dual core is simply the number of cores a cpu has.Pentium 4 and pentium d cpus have results 1 25 of 2432 shop from the worlds largest selection best deals for dual core 2 duo computer processors. When reviewing Pentium D and Core 2 Duo, and discussing their differences, first we need to understand why they were made to begin with.The best way to think of dual-core CPUs is to think of one cpu stacked on the other. To convince you even more of getting the lower clocked dual core, it has 4MB of shared L2 Cache, meaning it can access memory 2 times faster thanwell too, so he can still get the Pentium and just tune it slightly to reach the same performance of the Core 2 Duo, but wont gain any extra L2 Cache. The Core 2 brand refers to Intels x86/x86-64 microprocessors with the Core microarchitecture targeted at the consumer and business markets (except servers) above Pentium. The Core 2 solo branch covered single-core CPUs for notebook computers Intel Pentium : Pentium M, Pentium Dual Core. Intel Core : Core Solo, Core 2 Solo, Core Duo, Core 2 Duo, Core 2 Duo Extreme. Celeron Family.Which one to choose? Well, if money is not an issue then off course you should opt for the top end processor like Core 2 Duo. Pentium D Dual Core and Core 2 Duo What s the CNET The CNET Lounge is a relaxed destination for you to discuss with your fellow members the Difference between Dual Core vs Core 2 Duo vs Pentium D explained inCan I conclude C2D E6300 is better than Dual Core E6300 in all aspects? Products: Intel 805 Pentium D, Core 2 Duo E6600. IntroductionIt would have been a more interesting comparison if we could have taken the E6300 and put it against the 805D in a battle of the low-end dual core CPUs, but we have to make due with what is on hand. FM1 A4-3420 2.8Ghz dual-core desktop APU, versus Sandy Bridge Pentium dual-core?The Core 2 Duo is better overall and is a better value for the money. It is significantly faster in everything while using less electricity and producing less heat. What was the difference between Intels Core 2 Duo and their Pentium Dual core? They seemed lik.The Core 2 Duo for the most part is better. Which CPUs specifically were you thinking of? Compare Intel Core 2 Duo E6600 with Other Pentium Dual-Core Mobile CPUIntel Core 2 Duo E6600 Intel Pentium B940. Sandra MultiMedia Integer (it/s) benchmark. Longer is better. Dual core.Benchmarks Real world tests of Pentium 4 541 vs Core2 Duo E6550. GeekBench (32-bit) Data courtesy Primate Labs.

Core2Duo is a family of dual core chips from Intel.correct, the Pentium 4300 is a dual core processor but is not in the Core 2 class. The Pentium is basically this generations Celeron processor with lower clock speed and memory cache, lower price as well. Ive been getting some queries from my friends on what I consider to be a good middle-of-the-road laptop purchase. I did some research and came to the following conclusions. Hope this helps you in your next purchase. i have Pentium Dual Core with a 3.06 GHz and a Core 2 Duo with 2.93 GHz. i dnt know whats the difference of this two but Pentium Dual Core is much faster than Core 2 duo. maybe because of their GHz. please tell me which of this are Better. tnx I found a nice-sounding Gateway at Best Buy with a Pentium Dual Core and 2G RAM thats right in my price range, but is it worthwhile to upgrade to Core Duo or Core 2 Duo? Core2Spanked the PentiumD almost making the D look like Celeron territory performance. Ds were good at some things, Media centers and such But in a short time after that you could do better with a low end Core2Duo. incorrect, the pentium D is a separate architecture. Pentium dual core ! Core 2 Duo T5250 and Pentium Dual Core T3200 quantitative parameters such as cores and threads number, clocks, manufacturing process, cache size and multiplier lock state. These parameters indirectly say of Core 2 Duo T5250 and Pentium Dual Core T3200 performance Core 2 Duo processor has 2, 3, 4 or even 6 MB Cache, depend on the product code. The cheapest C2D has 2 MB cache, which around RM 400 right now. Compare to Pentium Dual Core, which has 1 MB cache, you might think, C2D is a better choice. I was just wondering what the difference between the two is - The Pentium Ds are cheaper and have dual cores and higher clock speed, the core 2 duos are more expensive and have lower clock speeds - which is the better valie for socket 775? Pentium D Dual Core: http://cgi.ebay.co.u1QQcmdZViewItem This one has 64bit processing capabilities (dont think they exist on core 2 duo yet?) and seems toSince Core 2 Duo processors are fairly new to the market you cant really find a good deal on them, but on the other Pentium Ds are now pretty affordable since What is the real difference between pentium dual core processors and core 2 duo processors? If you had two running side by side with the same clock, which would perform better?