css height 100 not working chrome





new CSS: ul.flip li a height: 100 width: 100 display: inline-block / -webkit-perspective: 200pxAs you can see Ive comment-out your perspective for ul.flip li a now its working fine for both Chrome as well as FF. Hope it will do the trick for you But chrome dont want to do it.

.container Try a height/max-height property. Try changing your height in .handle-inner from 100 to 100vh. Set it up like this with a fall back: Well, i agree that your fix works for my initial request. But I have a feeling that height: 100vh max- height: 500px is a hack. I dont know why this code is not apllying the css in chrome responsive mode or emulator. Color is not getting applied ?? border is not getting applied ?? nor the padding ??Its working in firefox. But not in chrome ?? 11/8/2010 width: 100 Works in IE but not in Chrome.So you would need to use CSS to set the height of not Some Things to Note When Working with 100 Also, the javascript works by scrolling down the page enough that the chrome is hidden, and this can only happen if the page is taller than the div im using.How to make a div 100 height of the browser window? When to use margin vs padding in CSS. css not working in chrome.100 height not working - CSS-Tricks. 25.04.2014 The document height is not the same as window height. document, html and body all have the same height, or usually do.

its hover work fine Mozila firefox but not work in chrome. is its google chrome bug????DOCTYPE html>